Round 4: Jens Thoren vs. Brian Kibler

Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2003

By Josh Bennett

Pro Tour Heartthrob Brian Kibler has recently made the jump to "Full Time Gamer", and hopes his Worlds performance will reflect that. Already he and his opponent Jens Thoren have three wins under their belts, so they have to be doing something right. Kibler is playing a black-white control deck packed with spot removal and Wraths. The ever-stoic Thoren is playing against type with Goblins. Don't be deceived by the look of Onslaught Block, this is Standard.

Game 1

Haunting Echoes
Thoren led with a mountain, giving Kibler the go-ahead to Cabal Therapy for Goblin Warchief. It hit, leaving behind Siege-Gang Commander, Volcanic Hammer and Clickslither. He drew a Goblin Piledriver that fell to Smother, and then lost his Commander to a second Therapy. His Clickslither got in for three before Kibler got a chance to play Chainer's Edict. He cycled through three Renewed Faiths, eventually finding a second black source. Thoren's offense was a lone Skirk Prospector. Kibler stripped his deck with Haunting Echoes.

With that backbreaking move out of the way, Kibler seemed much less concerned about his opponent's actions. Thoren made a second Prospector, only to see them both Wrathed away. Undead Gladiator helped Kibler dig to a Decree of Justice, and two 4/4 angels earned him the scoop.

Kibler 1 – Thoren 0

"How is this matchup for you?" – Jens Thoren

"It was pretty good in playtesting, but you have some different cards that might change things." – Brian Kibler

Game 2

Sulfuric Vortex
Thoren had to mulligan his first hand, then frowned and kept his six. Kibler didn't hesitate to keep his opener. Thoren led with a pair of Prospectors, and barely raised his eyebrows when Kibler's second land was Temple of the False God. He swung in for two, and then sent his men to the yard to enable a Siege-Gang Commander. Kibler failed to draw a third land to let him plainscycle his Eternal Dragon. Thoren smashed and played a Sulfuric Vortex. Only then did Kibler pull up a swamp. He conceded.

"Not quite in time." – Brian Kibler

Kibler 1 – Thoren 1

Game 3

Kibler led with three plains while Thoren beat in with Goblin Sledder and Warchief. He cycled a Decree of Justice and found a swamp. He shrugged as he threw down Sphere of Law. Thoren made a Goon and hit for four. Kibler was unafraid. He untapped and Therapied Thoren, stealing a Clickslither and leaving behind Siege-Gang Commander and Sulfuric Vortex. Then he dropped Wrath of God.

Thoren gamely continued on. He made his Commander and hoped to work his Goblin Burrows past the Sphere. He swung in on the next turn, and Kibler forced him to waste his time by cycling a Decree of Justice for two soldiers. Kibler untapped and Wrathed again. Another Decree of Justice made it a formality.

Final Result: Brian Kibler defeats Jens Thoren 2-1

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