Round 4: Joe Connolly vs. Justin West

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By Liam Coltman

After coming out of the draft West was very pleased with his deck and who wouldn't be. He had two copies of Cultural Exchange and Persuasion, not to mention the cards that made up the rest of what was an incredibly solid deck. It seemed that half the draft table had very good decks while the other half were scraping to pull together 23 cards and unfortunately for Connolly he was in the latter half.

Game 1

After winning the coin toss West decided that it would be best to go second, which really isn't a bad idea with his deck, if he can make it to 6 mana there really is no way for him to lose. Both players started the game with two swamps however West was the one to make the best use of this start, busting out a Nantuko Shade. Connolly responded with an Organ Grinder but when West untapped and dropped a Cabal Torturer things were already beginning to look grim. Despite the soon to be online Torturer Connolly played a Mystic Visionary, and attacked with his doomed Organ Grinder. West tortured the Visionary attacked with his shade, pumped it and dropped a Crypt keeper. When West attacked next turn Connolly took the chance to cast Torah's Vanguard as an instant and blocked the Crypt Keeper, forcing West to torture it to take it leaving his Organ Grinder alive once again. On West's next turn he decided that it was finally time for the Grinder to leave but Connolly had a parting trick, casting Waste Away on the shade and then Organ Grinding West for 3. Connolly then came back with a Soul Scourge but West had all the answers casting Afflict and then torturing gaining back the life that the Scourge had taken away. A Whispering Shade was the last chance for Connolly to do some real damage to West, but it met with a timely Cultural Exchange Dematerialise combo. Connolly managed to extend the game a few extra turns by playing Embolden and flashing it back but it was all in vain and the two moved onto game 2

West 1 Connolly 0

Game 2

Electing to play first Connolly got off to a quick start with a second turn Mystic Visionary using his 10th pick Tainted Field and third turn Zombie Trailblazer. West played a Crypt Keeper on turn 2 and despite his island becoming a swamp he still had a turn three play and a good one too, Cabal Torturer. Connolly attacked and cast a Sphere of Grace, commenting that he really had a good deck, and if the sarcasm wasn't heavy enough the large frown gave away the lie. Aquamoeba joined West's side of the board and was enchanted with a Ghostly Wings, and a turn later was joined by an Aven Windreader. It was only turn 5 and already Connolly was looking in deep trouble. He played a Crypt Keeper and used it to lock down West's Islands along with the Trailblazer but the damage was already done. West simply attacked with the Aquamoeba, switching its power and toughness and the Windreader, ending a fast game 2.

Final Result: West 2 Connolly 0

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