Round 4: METALLICA v.

Posted in Event Coverage on May 11, 2002

By Josh Bennett Jun Nobushita's confused expression lies a cunning that few expect. Together with partner in crime and business Tsuyoshi Ikeda and perennial ninth-placer Jin Okamoto he is hoping to crash the Grand Prix in the name of his store, Fireball. They have run up against METALLICA, not the band, but a collection of players shrouded in mystery. They are Yuta Ushie, Kyosuke Matsutsuki and Tetsuya Hatta.

Okamoto was crushing Hatta in the first game when he failed to get off three land while Okamoto played out Springing Tiger, Nantuko Disciple and other assorted dudes. Puppeteer help stem the bleeding, but he needed more.

Ikeda was busy taking such savagery to new heights. While Matsutsuki tried to awe him with Gravegouger, Ikeda contented himself to swinging for five with Cephalid Scout and Sengir Vampire. The game was soon over.

Ushie was having better luck against Nobushita. A Seton's Desired Elephant Ambush token knocked him to eight before he stabilized behind Cabal Patriarch. His draw was not creature-rich, so Ushie had time. He added more and more creatures to the table. Patchwork Gnomes. Another Elephant Ambush. Then Beast Attack. Nobushita held Sickening Dreams and a bunch of other cards, but chose to wait it one more turn to catch the other beast token. That gave Ushie the chance to draw Overrun, which he did. Nobushita blinked, then started shuffling for Game 2.

METALLICAMeanwhile Okamoto had finished brutalizing Hatta. Though Hatta managed to hit six mana, he was facing three 3/3's and was without his Puppeteer thanks to Sonic Seizure. He considered his options, and chose to scoop.

Matsutsuki apparently chose to draw from the "unspectacular" portion of his deck for his second game against Ikeda. While he had Filthy Cur and Longhorn Firebeast (not to mention a mighty Mind Sludge for ... two!), Ikeda was dropping Mesmeric Fiend, Faceless Butcher and Deep Analysis. Things got a little scary for Ikeda when Matsutsuki played out Tarnished Citadel and Caustic Tar, but even that was not fast enough. 1 - METALLICA 0

Okamoto kept a truly sketchy one-mountain hand for his second game. It paid off in spades. His first draw was a spell, but right after were the forests he needed. His plays went: Wild Mongrel, Flame Burst Puppeteer, Lithatog, Nantuko Disciple, Elephant Ambush. After being soundly beaten, Hatta turned over his hand of six cards: five lands and Circular Logic.

The last outstanding match was Nobushita v. Ushie, but since it was already determined, neither really cared. Cabal Patriarch, Overrun and Shower of Coals failed to make it interesting.

Final Result: 2 - METALLICA 0

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