Round 4 Pairings (by Table)

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By Wizards of the Coast

1Draften Und Spielenvs.Goblin Gate Aarhus
2Team Olarivs.Team TnT
3Sol Malka Fan Clubvs.Car Acrobatic Team
4Potato Nationvs.B.I.G.
5S.M - R.vs.Baku
6Ray Forcevs.Huey, Ben and Casey
7Team Spedvs.Slim Shady & Marks Bros
8Rolled-up Acesvs.Fix, The
9Big Dogsvs.40oz ALL STARS
10Team Workvs.Tronderbataljonen
11HCPvs.Min's Late
12Gix Pixvs.Trash A
13III Heroesvs.2 men and a sideboard
14Paradoxvs.Ayumi gumi
15Monkey Dogvs.504 Boys
16Dark Side of the Moonvs.Minions of Atog
17Monster Rodvs.Team Cream
19Team Advanced Formulavs.Team Dueling Ground
20Team Zero Tolerance Policyvs.Bavarian Nabobs
21Farm, Thevs.Metropolis
22Being Zvi Mowshowitzvs.Team Outland
23Staines Massivevs.Your Moves Games
24Hubbovs.Black Ops
25Logikens Mastarevs.Excuse my French
26Team Harvardvs.Les Videurs des quais
27What's That funny smellvs.London
28Lucious Nectarvs.Zagrev Sol
29Bread Deliveryvs.Just for Men
30Team Bortvs.US
31Th1vs.1 Bourbon,1 Scotch,1 Beer
32Big Mana Birdsvs.Italians do it Better
34Daddy's Little Ladiesvs.Snap Crakle Pop
35TLCvs.Alien Nation
36Latin Loversvs.Occult System
37Antarticavs.Bearly Legal
38Dan Gray is my Herovs.Fearless Hurloonies
39TN Connectionvs.Hammer of Brno
40Absolute Samuelsvs.Trash B
41Team Erasevs.Egghead Games
42Dogmasvs.Aixelsyd maet
43Cracker Crunchvs.:)
44Grrrvs.Team Rocket
45Team Dieselvs.Game Empire
46Team Kvs.Spunk Monkey
47Tomguevin@aol.comvs.Corporate Elbow
48Jumblevs.Right Brothers, The
49Pantalons De Singevs.Fever for Cowbell
50Team Ralphvs.Mickey Parade
51ECAvs.Team Tucson
52Mothervs.Team Thirties
53Out on Bailvs.Dwarven Demolition Team
54Woodpusherzvs.Duck Trio
55Yaltavs.Aachen Fantastics 1

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