Round 4: Schietkoe vs. Von Dutch

Posted in Event Coverage on April 17, 2004

By Eelco van Ruth

Schietkoe was the team of former World Champ Tom van de Logt and they met Von Dutch in round 4. Both teams are from Holland and it's always a pity when you go abroad and meet countrymen to play against.

This match would be particularly interesting, because 3 brothers have to play.
Jesse and Stijn Cornelissen joined up the former Champ to play their brother Kamiel in Von Dutch, who played with Jelger Wiegersma and Jeroen Remie.
Jeroen Remie mentioned the matchup for Von Dutch was very bad, because Schietkoe had major Cornelissen advantage…

Obviously we had to sit at the table where two of the brothers collide and for today Stijn and Kamiel had to battle it out.

Stijn made me send out greetings to all of his fans at home and Kamiel made sure I would do the same to his friends Rob and Boris. With that out of the way we could start round 4; who would 4-0 day 1 of GP Bochum ?

Game 1

Kamiel won the toss and chose to play. Stijn had to mulligan once, but was satisfied with his hand. Kamiel started the battle with a Leonin Bola, a Vedalken Engineer in turn one and two and when Stijn only answered with forest and mountain, Kamiel followed with another Engineer and Arcbound Stinger. Also, one of the Engineers got hold of a Bola.

Stijn was not too frightened by the army of 1/1's and just played his third land.

Kamiel charged for 3 and played a Spire Golem. In Stijn's turn, the Golem got Echoing Ruined and Kamiel responded by sending his troops at his brother again: 14 for Stijn.
In Stijn's 5th turn things got a little more even: He had Deconstruct for Kamiel's Bola and played an Ageless Entity.

Kamiel's only action in the following turn was a peck of the Arcbound Stinger. The rest of the team was just too small and would probably have been an interesting snack for the Entity. And when the critters failed to attack Stijn, the Entity tried to persuade the 1/1's to block in the next attack phase, but no such luck. He did however get a bite of Kamiel's life total and brought him to 16. An Ogre Leadfoot was played too.

Kamiel could only have the Stinger deal 1 damage to Stijn but played a Nim Shrieker to add a little more airforce. Stijn was at 12 now. But Kamiel was set to 9 by the Entity and the Leadfoot and actually looked a bit relieved when Stijn only added a Tel-Jilad Chosen instead of another big creature.

A Mask of Memory came off the top of Kamiels library and was put on the Shrieker. Stijn was also beaten to 9 and Kamiel had another 2 cards from his deck and discarded an Irradiate. All the time, Kamiel had been stuck on 4 lands and that didn't matter much because of the Engineers, but the Mask hadn't given him a 5th, so mixed feelings about the Irradiate could be noted from Kamiel's pokerface.

Stijn felt lucky and ordered his troops to attack his brother again. The only untapped Engineer had to chumpblock the 4/4. Chances were not too high that Stijn would pump his Ageless Entity with a Nourish, but you could never be too careful about 4/4's when you're on 9.
Stijn had another trick: he played Stand Together on the Leadfoot and the Tel-Jilad Chosen with the idea to end the game quickly. Kamiel played an Irradiate this time to finish the Chosen before the bonus kicked in, but his board position was not too good; being at 4, staring at a 5/5 and a 4/4…

On the other hand: the equipped Nim Shrieker could maybe provide him with some more answers, so once more the Nim went for a bite of Stijn. Serum Tank got discarded and a Arcbound Bruiser joined the 1/1's. Stijn was not impressed and send his team at his brother again. He also flashed a Predator's Strike after chumpers were declared and Kamiel scooped up his cards.

Game 2

Both players were satisfied with their opening hands and Kamiel had chosen to play.
An Island and Vault of Whispers made a Neurok Familiar for Kamiel, but the Familiar revealed an Irradiate. Both Kamiel and Stijn agreed that it was unlucky. Brothers; even when the stakes are high they keep on bonding…

Stijn made a Copper Myr on turn two and was unable to block the Familiar. An Arcbound Stinger was played by Kamiel and Stijn's third turn play was an Echoing Ruin on the Vault of Whispers. The Myr didn't want to attack into the Stinger, so the Stinger and the Familiar put Stijn on 17. Another Neurok Familiar was added to the board by Kamiel and this particular specimen hit a Tree of Tales off the top of Kamiels library and was obviously better than the other !

Stijn had enough of the annoying fliers and tapped out to play a Tel-Jilad Archers. Kamiel just added a Vedalken Engineer and passed the turn again. Archers were too much for his 1/1's. Stijn had bigger men and played the Leadfoot again. Kamiel responded by playing a 3/3 for 5 mana too: Arcbound Bruiser. The Leadfoot attacked and no blockers were declared, so Kamiel dropped to 17. A Klark Clan Stoker also showed up at Stijn's side of the board.

Kamiel tapped an Engineer to play a blue Spellbomb and followed with a free Frogmite. That caused him to burn for 1, because he had 4 artifacts. After the burning of the mana was noted, the Kamiel team went into the red zone: Bruiser, 2 Familiars and Stinger went all. Only the Stinger got blocked and after damage went on the stack, Kamiel tried to move the Modular counter to the Bruiser. When that effect tried to resolve, the Bruiser was hit by Barbed Lightning. Still, 3 Modular counters found their way to the Frogmite and Stijn was put to 16.

Ogre Leadfoot made Kamiel's lifetotal 13 and the impressive Plated Slagwurm entered play. Copper Myr was fed to the Klark-Clan Stoker to pay for the mana cost.
Kamiel responded by playing a Pewter Golem with only 1 blue mana open, so the Slagwurm was destined to do some serious damage for at least 1 attack phase.
Leadfoot and Slagwurm attacked, but only the Ogre got to hit Kamiel. The Slagwurm was chumped by a Neurok Familiar, but Kamiel probably remembered the Familiar to have given him an artifact, because he got saved by the Spellbomb.
Stijn added more DIEK (Fat) to his board; Ageless Entity again.

Kamiel could only respond with Quicksilver Behemoth and passed turn. Stijn sent in his entire team: Stoker was blocked by Frogmite; Archers got no blocks; Leadfoot got Behemoth and Familiar and Slagwurm ate an Engineer. After the slaughter when the Quicksilver was returned, the Pewter got regenerated and the Archer brought Kamiel to 8, Stijn played Clockwork Condor and Tel-Jilad Chosen.

Still light on lands, Kamiel replayed Behemoth and got hit by Stijn's Armee.
After some thought, the Pewter and the 5/5 Frogmite blocked the Slagwurm and the Behemoth tried his luck at the Tel-Jilad Archers. Tel-Jilad Chosen and the Condor were not blocked and again, Stijn showed Predator's Strike. Kamiel lost.

Stijn Cornelissen - Kamiel Cornelissen: 2-0

Despite a deck check, Jeroen and Jesse had already finished their game and Jesse was victorious. Like Jeroen predicted; the Cornelissen advantage was for Schietkoe. Jelger tried to save some respect, but Tom was able to kill Jelger with the famous Loxodon Warhammer - Leonin Sun Standard combo.

Schietkoe - Von Dutch: 3-0

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