Round 4: Svend Geertsen vs. Helmut Summersberger

Posted in Event Coverage on June 28, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

As we went into round 4, Helmut had to go to the toilet. When he got back he noticed he only had 39 cards and the head judge gave him a game loss and the opportunity to find the missing card of his deck. In the end the missing card was proxied.

Geertsen 1 – 0 Summersberger

Game 2

Harvester Druid
Both players kept their hands and started playing land until Summersberger dropped a Seton's Scout. He then played Mental Note and cast a Harvester Druid. His opponent then summoned Barbarian Bully to stop the offensive, but that didn't stop Helmut from attacking. Svend blocked and forced the Austrian to play a Muscle Burst on the Druid.

Meanwhile, another Seton's Scout joined the ground. A Painbringer on the Danish's side went to be Lost in Thoughts making way for two scouts. A little bit ironic was the fact, that it was the proxied card that was Lost in Thoughts.

But Svend wasn't lost and cast another Barbarian Bully. In his hand were Shower of Coals, Flame Burst and Lightning Surge. Enough to take care of his opponent's entire army would he have only had a second mountain. Once again an attack was successful and brought Svend down to six life.

Unable to draw a second Mountain the Danish tried to fill up his graveyard and discarded a Lightning Surge at random. Relentless, the Austrian kept attacking.

When Svend cast a Flame Burst on one Scout, his opponent played Sylvan Might to which Svend discarded a card for his bully. He then removed three cards from his graveyard and was able to activate his Painbringer for one to kill the Scout. The 4/4 Bully traded with the Harvester Druid enchanted with Exoskeletal Armor. At two life he would need the second Mountain but was unable to draw it and scooped.

Geertsen 1 – 1 Summersberger

Game 3

Taking a look at each player's hand revealed how aggressive it would be.

And so it was, with a Basking Rootwalla during the first turn and a Seton's Scout during the second. Once again Svend had a Bully during his third turn out. Fearing some kind of pump Svend didn't block both creatures as they shed first blood bringing Geertsen down to 14. He did his own attacking the next turn followed by the second Bully still holding a Fiery Temper in his hand.

Shower of Coals
After some thought the Austrian swinged once again with both his creatures. Once again Svend didn't block and Svend went down to nine life. Before ending the turn a Harvester Druid was cast. It didn't last long though. The Danish swept his opponent's army away with a well-timed Shower of Coals.

But the Austrian didn't give up and tried to get back in the game with an Anurid Scavenger. His opponent had to think about his nine life for a while before attacking. He pumped one of his Bullies up and discarded Fiery Temper. He then used its madness ability and cleared the way for six damage. A Pardic Lancer joined the bullies making it almost impossible for Summersberger to recover.

Helmut didn't hide desperation, so he cast a Words of Wisdom and found a temporary answer. Lost in Thoughts on the Lancer and a Centaur Rootcaster leaving him completely tapped out. He knew at that time he had already lost since his opponent could discard a card for a Barbarian remove three from his graveyard and attack for lethal damage.

Helmut scooped and shook his opponent's hand.

Final Result: Geertsen 2 – 0 Summersberger

Helmut Summersberger, Austria

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Svend Geertsen, Denmark

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