Round 5:

Posted in Event Coverage on February 27, 2004

By Josh Bennett

Raphael Levy vs. Katsuhiro Mori

There was a time when Katsuhiro Mori swore he was done with Magic. Having collected his big Masters paycheck and faced with the mounting costs of travel he decided to make the smart fiscal move and give up the game. That lasted about six months. Then he was back on the Japanese Grand Prix circuit with the same lightning-fast play style. His affinity deck had already helped him to 4-0. His opponent, French oldschooler Raphael Levy was also there, and 8-0 games. He's playing the crazy Tooth and Nail deck dubbed "TwelvePost". Between Reap and Sow and Sylvan Scrying the deck has easy access to a virtual twelve Cloudposts, which means some serious mana.

Mori didn't like the look of his opening hand. Four land, an Arcbound Worker, a Frogmite and Echoing Decay. He shipped it back and drew six. This time, they were all land. He didn't hesitate to go to five.

He opened with Vault of Whispers and a Disciple. Levy dropped a Cloudpost and accepted two points when the Disciple got Toothed. Levy played out a Talisman of Unity and Oxidized one of Mori's lands. Lands were about the only things Mori had in abundance. He played another Tooth and hit for three.

Levy put an end to that with Solemn Simulacrum. Mori wasn't willing to lose his Disciple so he sat back for a turn. Levy dropped a Cloudpost then entwined a Reap and Sow to get another. Mori waited for the end.

Next to him, Kai Budde looked over and remarked "If only we could switch matchups. A bye for me and a bye for you."

After Mori's double mulligan, Levy didn't need much help. His next plays were a very sad Duplicant to steal the Disciple and then a Platinum Angel. After that was a Darksteel Colossus, just before Mori conceded.

Levy 1 - Mori 0

Mori mulliganed again in the second game, but stopped at six cards this time. He still had almost no early pressure, just some Blinkmoth Nexuses and a Myr Retriever. Levy, meanwhile, had a pair of Cloudposts in his opening hand and accelerated into Jens. Mori made a Skullclamp, but Levy had the Oxidize to keep him from using it.

Then came the Reap and Sow, which got Stalking Stones so that Sylvan Scrying could fetch the next Cloudpost. Mori tried to pretend he was in the game. An entwined Tooth and Nail for two Platinum Angels made that a hard ruse to keep up.

Raphael Levy defeats Katsuhiro Mori 2-0

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