Round 5: Alan Comer vs. Gerardo Godinez

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By Adrian Sullivan

Gerardo Godinez could be the most successful Latin American player on the Pro Tour today. The veteran of 15 Pro-Tours, Godinez charged to a top 32 finish in Chicago this last year, and expressed a lot of confidence about his chances before this tournament. His Black/Red/Blue control deck is heavy with Lobotomies, and with the amount of control decks in the tournament, he is probably right to be confident.

Alan Comer's name has been a fixture at the Pro-Tour for what seems like forever. With an impressive six Pro-Tour top 8 finishes, one can usually look to Comer for a good bet at success. Comer typically leans towards extravagant, if not unusual deck choices, but today he's playing Red/White/Blue Trenches control, a popular choice overall.

Comer starts game one, and both players trade land drops until the third turn, when Godinez makes his move. Recoiling one of Comer's land, Godinez then followed up on his own turn with a Lobotomy, nabbing two Absorbs from Comer, but leaving him with a Goblin Trenches and Fact or Fiction.

Eager to make up for the loss, Comer casts the Fact or Fiction on his next turn, picking up two more, but Godinez was ready with a Void to clear them away. This leaves Godinez tapped out, and Comer sneaks the Trenches into play.

Godinez tried to pick up some cards on his own turn with a Fact or Fiction, but Comer is ready with a surprise Evasive Action from the top of his deck, and Godinez is suddenly left with only targeted creature removal in hand, and no real action.

Several turns pass with Comer sacking lands to the Trenches, while Godinez throws a handful of targeted removal at the tokens, hoping to buy some time. Unfortunately, he can't capitalize on his early card advantage and stripping of Comer's hand, and Comer seizes the first game.

Godinez dropped a quick Nightscape Familiar in game two, and Comer blew it away with Fire. After a couple of turns pass, Godinez begins his attack on Comer's hand.

Starting with an Addle, and following with two Lobotomy, Comer's hand was quickly reduced to a Rout and a pair of Evasive Actions. With only one basic land in play, the Evasive Action are mostly impotent throughout the game, and Godinez pressed his advantage with a Pyre Zombie and a pair of Prophetic Bolts.

Quickly reduced to the single digits, Comer died to a flurry of burn.

The final game includes a lot of the elements that seemed to define the first two. Godinez attacked Comer's hand relentlessly with Addles and Lobotomies. After the onslaught, Comer was left with only land in hand, and was unable to answer the Pyre Zombie and Nightscape Familiar that Godinez put into play.

The multitude of pain lands had taken their toll on Godinez, however, and he was in danger of dying to a kicked Urza's Rage if Comer could find another spell to join for the burn.

Not wasting any time, Godinez pressed the advantage with an end of turn Prophetic Bolt followed by a main phase Prophetic Bolt to bring Comer to a dangerously low life. Not quite low enough in life himself for Comer to kill, Godinez came across in the next turns with the zombies for the win.

Final Result: Godinez 2 - Comer 1

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