Round 5: Andy Stokinger Versus Ed Fear

Posted in Event Coverage on February 22, 2003

By Matt Urban

Andy Stokinger is the Webmaster of the once infamous, but now kid friendly, He has played in several Pro Tours, but is still looking for that breakthrough finish to make him known for something beyond just a Webmaster. His red/white deck features some aggressive cards, but it is much more defensively oriented than the usual.

Ed Fear has been on the Tour for a very long time. He managed several Top 16 finishes, but he was derailed by a yearlong hiatus from the game. He made a great comeback with a near Top 8 at Pro Tour Barcelona, but has been unable to get himself back on the train. He is armed with a very aggressive black/white deck, featuring multiple two-drops and two Skinthinners.

Stokinger and Fear were also teammates with Roger Sorino at the recent Pro Tour Boston, but now they find themselves facing off at 4-0, flipping around some great quotes, most of which cannot be written here.

Game One

“I have to shuffle you good, don’t I?” – Stokinger

Withered Wretch
Fear won the die roll and chose to play. He had a great draw, leading off with a turn two Withered Wretch. His beater was quickly killed by Stokinger’s Shock, but it was replaced by a turn three morph.

Stokinger summoned a Flamestick Courier to block Fear’s morph, but that was revealed to be a Daru Mender after damage was on the stack, regenerating itself. Because of its low morph cost, Fear was able to summon another morph to keep pressure on.

Knowing his opponent was playing black, Stokinger summoned a Disciple of Grace to hold off the Daru Mender and any future black creatures. It did nothing to stop Fear’s morph or the Gustcloak Skirmisher, though, and Stokinger was reduced to 14 in short order.

A Lowland Tracker was brought out by Stokinger to stem the tide, but Fear just unmorphed his Skinthinner to finish it and kept attacking. The Skirmisher brought Stokinger to 12 and was joined by a Dive Bomber.

Suddenly on a three-turn clock, Stokinger started trying to push damage through any way he could, but there just wasn’t enough time as Fear’s fliers finished him off.

Fear – 1, Stokinger – 0

While shuffling, Fear looked over the match going on next to them between Dave Humphries and Eric Froehlich. Dave was working on a block, and Ed commented, “Will Dave finish declaring this block before my beard grows to my knees?”

“You really should shuffle me.” - Ed Fear

“Yeah, two shuffles a day keeps the cheater away.” – Andy Stokinger

Game 2

Starlight Invoker
Stokinger chose to play, but the first spell of the game was Fear’s Starlight Invoker. Stokinger summoned a Whipgrass Entangler and the race to nowhere was on.

Fear summoned a Whipgrass Entangler of his own. Stokinger summoned a Glory Seeker that could do nothing but watch and complain that it got pulled away from its bowling league.

Stokinger’s Lowland Tracker had a chance to do something when combined with a Catapult Squad, but Fear’s Skinthinner killed it.

Around turn seven, about the second actual interaction of the game took place as Stokinger attacked with the Glory Seeker. Fear blocked it with his two 1/3 Clerics. Stokinger cycled Gempalm Avenger, hoping to kill the Starlight Invoker before it got online. Fear just Swatted the Glory Seeker in response, ending that little attempt at something.

On turn 8, Stokinger summoned a Flamewave Invoker, and the race was really on. The two invokers started invoking Fear’s life total back and forth.

Stokinger cast Sigil of the New Dawn to maintain his board position as both players accumulated more lands and creatures that would watch the invokers play with Fear’s life total. Stokinger’s Nantuko Husk from getting through with the aid of a cycled Dirge of Dread, and Fear cast a Righteous Cause to further the nothing.

On turn twelve of the game, Hump’s and Froehlich’s match finished, but Ed’s beard was not down to his knees.

Stokinger played land number fifteen on turn 21, and was looking to break with stalemate by activating Flamewave Invoker twice in the same turn. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to draw a sixteenth land for five turns, marking the first time that he was unhappy about not ripping the sixteenth land.

Gravel Slinger
Eventually, time was called and Stokinger started turn one of five. He attacked with a freshly summoned Deftblade Elite, hoping to provoke the Starlight Invoker and kill it with a Catapult Squad shot. Fear shot the Deftblade Elite with a freshly unmorphed Gravel Slinger.

That same turn, Stokinger summoned a Sparksmith that would have ended the game 15 turns earlier if it were in play.

On turn two, Fear cast Convalescent Care, a card he could not have played earlier because it would have drawn out his library.

Turn three saw Stokinger finally draw land number 16. He played it and used Sparksmith to kill the Starlight Invoker. Fear activated his Invoker, trying to bring his life total to fifteen, but Stokinger just activated his Flamewave Invoker twice in response, finishing Fear and leaving the match as a draw.

Fear – 1, Stokinger – 1

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