Round 5: Bas Knapen vs Jelger Wiegersma

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Bas Knapen is another newer Dutch player still looking for his first real big finish. He made a couple of GP top 32’s and he was qualified for Pro Tour Venice but he’s still waiting for his breakthrough performance. Jelger Wiegersma, on the other hand, is arguably the best Dutch player right now with only Kamiel Cornelissen contesting that claim. He’s coming off his GP top 8 in Prague last week and is looking to add yet another title to his list of accomplishments.
Jelger chose to play Wake today, Bas is running Tog.

Game 1

Jelger won the die roll and chose to play first. Nothing at all happened for the first ten turns, standard procedure for this matchup. On turn ten Jelger finally blinked casting Deep Analysis. He had not missed a land drop yet while Bas was stuck on seven land. Next up, Compulsion. Bas chose not to fight that either. He went for Concentrate next turn and, after asking how many cards Bas had, Jelger let that resolve too. Jelger went for an end of turn Cunning Wish and Bas Countered that tapping him very low. Jelger untapped and played Wake countering Bas’ Counterspell, then Wishing for Seedtime and casting it against his helpless opponent. He played Mirari in his free turn and Bas figured he’d be better off trying to win game two.

1-0 Jelger

Game 2

Bas chose to play game 2 but he didn’t have the turn two Compulsion to take advantage of it. He did get to Force Spike Jelger’s Compulsion though. He then proceeded to miss his third land drop and when he got the land next turn his Duress was Memory Lapsed. In the meanwhile, Jelger was stuck on three Islands and couldn’t do anything about Bas’ Psychatog hitting play. In the next couple of turns both players drew out of their mana screws and they started the battle of attrition that is this matchup. Bas' second Duress hit as well revealing two Cunning Wish, two Wrath of God, Mirari and Opportunity. Bas took a Wish and countered Jelger’s other Wish with a Logic. Then his Wrath of God met the same fate and Bas got to untap with a potentially lethal Tog in play and Jelger all but tapped out. He had no gas though and the grinning little man couldn’t quite kill Jelger yet. A Duress on the next turn revealed Jelger had nothing but Bas still did not want to put all his eggs in the Tog basket, giving Jelger extra time to draw out of the situation. When Mana Short resolved there was not a single card in type II left to play around so the Tog finally got to finish the helpless Jelger off.


Game 3

Jelger chose to play first and, sensing his opponent’s nervousness, asked Bas about his hand on turn 2:

“Do you have the Force Spike?”
Bas chuckled, shrugged and shook his head.
Jelger had the Compulsion and played it. Bas didn’t have the Spike. A Verge and the Compulsion looked to put Jelger way ahead in the card advantage game but the Wake deck doesn’t have any cards to take advantage of that situation. Bas decided to take a risk, tapping out for Concentrate. Jelger had the Mirari to punish him. A copied Deep Analysis later, Bas’situation was pretty much hopeless. Jelger never found a Mirari’s Wake though and couldn’t really take advantage of his Mirari without the amounts of mana the enchantment can produce and Bas stayed in the game for a very long time.
When Bas played a Duress with eight mana up Jelger made a critical mistake Cunning Wishing for two Counterspells with five mana up and fighting the Duress. Bas countered back and took Jelger’s other Counterspell leaving him helpless against Bas’ Upheaval. Had Jelger just let the Duress resolve and Counterspelled the Upheaval copying it with Mirari Bas had no way to get it to resolve and would be left with no way to win the game. As it was though the board was reset with 6 minutes left. This meant that Jelger didn’t really have a way to win left as he needs lots and lots of mana to go into Ambush recursion while Bas can just play a Tog and win. That’s exactly what he did after Jelger played a turn two Compulsion and once again he didn’t want to go for the kill against Jelger’s untapped mana. Bas finally went for it on the fifth extra turn, the first turn that Jelger could actually stop the tog from killing him and the match ended in a draw when Jelger cycled his Renewed Faith.


Jelger Wiegersma

Download Arena Decklist
Creature (3)
3 Exalted Angel
Sorcery (7)
4 Wrath of God 3 Deep Analysis
Artifact (2)
2 Mirari
Enchantment (6)
4 Compulsion 2 Mirari's Wake
60 Cards

Bas Knapen

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