Round 5: Dan O’Mahoney-Schwartz vs. Pete Guevin

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Pete Guevin may not be the most well known player on the tour, but he has quietly accumulated a string of solid Top 32 finishes. In addition to that, his team at Pro Tour Boston came one match away from Top 4, losing to Phoenix Foundation in the final round of the swiss. Dan OMS and his brother Steve had been a constant presence in competitive Magic since the Pro Tour first started, but over the years they have progressively played less. Steve is all but retired, and while Dan does still play, the game is less important to him than it once was.

Both players need a win here to have a chance to make Top 8.

Game 1

Dan mulliganed his opening hand, and had a turn two Aquamoeba. Pete’s Duress revealed Roar of the Wurm, Deep Analysis and Arrogant Wurm; a bad situation since Dan would get a cheap flashback spell into his graveyard either way. The Analysis went to the graveyard, and Innocent Blood killed Aquamoeba (but not before Roar of the Wurm was discarded). Careful Study put Basking Rootwalla into play, and a second Roar into the graveyard. The Roar was flashed back on the following turn, and Pete cast Skeletal Scrying for two. Mutilate wiped away the smaller creatures, and a pair of Innocent Bloods took out both Wurm tokens. Another Scrying for three put Pete further ahead. Careful Study put a Rootwalla and Arrogant Wurm into play, and Pete used Mind Sludge to wipe away Dan’s hand. Innocent Blood followed to kill the Rootwalla, leaving Dan with only Arrogant Wurm.

Thanks to three Cabal Coffers, Pete had a ton of mana available. His Duress revealed the only card in Dan’s hand: Roar of the Wurm. This was followed by Mutilate to kill the Arrogant Wurm. Haunting Echoes then stripped most of the threats out of Dan’s deck, but both players were left with no cards in hand. Dan topdecked and summoned Wonder, which died to Chainer’s Edict after attacking once. Quiet Speculation got Dan Deep Analysis and Ray of Revelation. The Analysis was flashed back, and Merfolk Looter followed. It died to a flashed back Chainer’s Edict. Dan’s only hope was to draw and play Wonder as a 2/2 flyer, and Pete already had Chainer’s Edict waiting in his graveyard. Corrupts finished the job.

O’Mahoney-Schwartz- 0 Guevin- 1

Game 2

Pete opened with a turn one Cabal Therapy naming Compost and missed (Dan didn’t have Compost in his sideboard), seeing two Wild Mongrel, Basking Rootwalla and Quiet Speculation. Dan played Speculation on his turn, getting three Roar of the Wurm. Another Cabal Therapy got both Mongrels out of Dan’s hand. Merfolk Looter and Basking Rootwalla came into play on the same turn, and when the Looter became active it spit out another Rootwalla. Pete used Diabolic Tutor, signaling that he would get Mutilate. Dan flashed back a Roar, which Pete would need to wait at least one more turn to kill with the mass removal spell. He used it on turn five, killing all of Dan’s creatures except the 6/6. It attacked while another one was flashed back. Pete killed one of them with Chainer’s Edict, and Dan got Gigapede running. Skeletal Scrying drew Pete into more cards, and he found a Mutilate. The Gigapede came back, and helped madness out an Arrogant Wurm followed by Merfolk Looter. Corrupt killed the Wurm, and Dan flashed back the final Roar. Haunting Echoes took out most of the threats left in Dan’s deck, but the Wurm in play and the Gigapede still in Dan’s hand were enough to force a third game.

O’Mahoney-Schwartz- 1 Guevin- 1

Game 3

Pete mulliganed his opening hand, and his Duress hit Roar of the Wurm. Dan had Aquamoeba on turn two, which spit out a madness Rootwalla on end step. The following attack was for two damage, and Dan had Wild Mongrel. Pete tried to Mutilate away the board, but Dan had Circular Logic. Pete used Diabolic Tutor on the following turn, and Dan had another big attack, this time pumping his Mongrel with a madness Arrogant Wurm. Pete untapped and played two Innocent Bloods, which killed the smaller creatures. Chainer’s Edict was countered with Circular Logic, and Dan had enough on the table to win.

O’Mahoney-Schwartz- 2 Guevin- 1

Dan O'Mahoney-Schwartz

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Peter Guevin

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