Round 5: Feature Match – Florian Koch vs. Johannes Jessen

Posted in Event Coverage on August 12, 2011

By Tobi Henke

Both players have no loss so far, and obviously want to keep it that way. Jessen had drafted a blue-green deck and you can read all about Koch's draft process in the draft coverage.

Game One

Both players had two-drops on their third turn: Runeclaw Bear for Jessen, Alabaster Mage for Koch. Jessen attacked for two and played Coral Merfolk. Koch enchanted his Alabaster Mage with Divine Favor, Jessen summoned Aven Fleetwing.

Johannes Jessen

Koch cast Auramancer and attacked with his Mage. Jessen cast Llanowar Elves and attacked with his flier. Koch dropped his bomb, the stately Flameblast Dragon, but Jessen had Frost Breath to keep Alabaster Mage and Flameblast Dragon tapped down. He had Trollhide to improve his Aven Fleetwing, but his attack still left Koch at 9. Koch summoned Goblin Tunneler and Gideon's Lawkeeper. He still had only one Plains, while his opponent only had Island. Jessen braced himself for the impending impact of Flameblast Dragon and didn't attack at all.

With the help of Alabaster Mage the Flameblast Dragon gained lifelink, attacked, and shot down one of Jessen's creatures. Koch gained 8 life in the process.

Jessen summoned Giant Spider, but on his next turn, Koch had enough mana to kill the Spider via Flameblast Dragon while also giving it lifelink. Jessen shuffled it up for game 1.

"Mind Control still in hand? Koch asked.

"Let's just say, a second blue mana would have been great." Jessen was left with Æther Adept stranded in his hand.

Florian Koch 1 – 0 Johannes Jessen

Game Two

Jessen opened with Runeclaw Bear, then had Mana Leak for Koch's Blood Ogre. He allowed Benalish Veteran, but immediately returned it to Koch's hand with Æther Adept. The Runeclaw Bear brought Koch to 14. Benalish Veteran made its comeback and received Divine Favor. This stopped further attacks on Jessen's side, who only cast Garruk's Companion and passed the turn.

Florian Koch

The Veteran attacked for 4, and enabled fully-grown Gorehorn Minotaurs. Jessen just had Llanowar Elves and more lands, while Koch's fatties attacked and attacked. When his opponent was at 3, he even added another one to his team: Bonebreaker Giant. Jessen had Stingerfling Spider, which finally allowed him some good blocks. He traded away all of his small creatures for Bonebreaker Giant and Gorehorn Minotaurs. The board was now: Benalish Veteran with Divine Favor versus Stingerfling Spider.

Koch cast Gorehorn Minotaurs, this time as a lowly 3/3. Jessen had Coral Merfolk, but had to block both attackers. He lost his Merfolk and didn't draw another blocker.

Florian Koch 2 – 0 Johannes Jessen

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