Round 5 Feature Match: Anthony Ramasami (JD’z Gaming Supplies) vs. Tim Moran (Barron’s Games and Cards)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

Ramasami took out his opponent’s Bird of Paradise with Chainer’s Edict, stranding him on two mana. Although mono-black control cannot take as great an advantage from a manahosed opponent, it can surely appreciate the free time it gets to develop its board.

Ramasami was already up to five lands by the time Moran drew a Living Wish and used it to grab Contested Cliffs out of the sideboard. Ramasami was abusing his Undead Gladiator in the meantime, chucking his Duresses – an unimpressive card against the Beasts deck – to dig deeper into his library. Moran finally got up to four lands and unleashed a barrage of Beasts on his opponent. Rakmasami was ready for him however, and used up some of the plentiful creature removal assortment in his deck to slow down the beatings.

Moran saved his Brushhopper from Mutilate and summoned a Phantom Centaur. After some deliberation, Ramasami chose to Corrupt his opponent for seven, while ignoring the creature threats. This brought Moran down to ten life points. Forced to win quickly or not at all, he had to overcommit. He cast Call of the Herd and attacked with his creatures. Ramasami cast another Corrupt, bringing his opponent down to just three life points. Moran attacked and summoned a morph creature.

Having forced his opponent to overcommit significantly at this point, Ramasami cast a Mutilate. Moran pitched his last two cards to save a Brushhopper, attacked with it on his turn and flashed back a Call of the Herd. With most of the pressure off him, Ramasami could now spend a turn to cast Diablic Tutor – finding Cabal Coffers. He was able to generate enough mana to flash back Chainer’s Edict and summon Visara. Unable to stop its attack next turn, Moran conceded the first game.

Moran: -3 Beast Attack +3 Compost
Ramasami: -4 Duress, +3 Withered Wretch, +1 Nantuko Shade

Game 2

Moran’s first two creatures met Ramasami’s removal spells, but the Call of the Herd token survived as Ramasamo opted to cast Diabolic Tutor on turn four instead of a removal spell, fetching Mirari. Moran morphed in an Angel and attacked for four. Ramasami once again used no removal spells, casting his Mirari instead.

Moran was in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. If he did not play a guy, an Edict or Blood doubled with Mirari would clear the board. If he did, a Mutilate could own him. Moran opted for casting a Wild Mongrel which proved correct – Ramasami used double Smother rather than a Mutilate. However, Mutilate came next clearing the board once Moran cast another creature. Once again manahosed on three lands Moran had no choice but to pass the turn, and Ramasami used a Mind Sludge to eliminate his opponent’s hand.

Having finally drawn a fourth land, Moran flashed back a Call only to have it Edicted. He then cast Living Wish to find a Nantuko Vigilante. Mirari’s days would be numbered. Ramasami cast Haunting Echoes, removing most of his opponent’s threats from the game. Moran cast a pair of Calls he was holding while Ramasami got out a Nantuko Shade able to block pretty much any creature his opponent would summon. Moran cast an Anurid Brushhopper, so he could potentially alpha strike twice against his opponent who was at nine life to win the game. However, Ramasami top-decked a Cabal Coffers, able to double Corrupt his opponent for sixteen.

It was only a matter of time after that. Ramasami was able to attack with a lethal Shade, forcing his opponent to lose a creature chump-blocking every turn. He forgot about the Undead Gladiator in his graveyard for a bit, but it was not very relevant. Eventually Moran ran out of blockers and the game was over.

Ramasami 2 – Moran 0

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