Round 5 Feature Match: David Humpherys vs Will Copeman

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

By Liam Coltman

Even if Dave Humpherys doesn't do so well in the GP, he has nothing to complain about. After last year's Invitational, winner Chris Pikula promised to bring Humpherys with him after he built his three constructed decks for him. In this match we saw Humpherys' Counter-Oath deck against Copeman's TS deck, with Humpherys playing first.

Game 1

Both players started off turn one with a Brainstorm, Copeman during his main phase and Humpherys during his opponents discard phase. Humpherys played a turn 2 Treetop, which gave Copeman the opportunity to drop his Survival of the Fittest, and cast a Land Grant showing the hand Counterspell, Counterspell, Counterspell, Brainstorm, Brainstorm. Humpherys dropped a Tropical Island and cast a Spike Feeder, animating the Treetop Village next turn and attacking for 5. During Humpherys discard phase Copeland Survivaled for a Squee to begin his engine and cast a Mother of Runes in his own turn. Humpherys Enlightened for a Seal of Cleansing and cast it, taking out the Survival but the damage had already been done. When Copeman cast his Tradewind, Humpherys was forced to main phase Impulse looking for an answer to the Tradewind because he was tight on land and found it in the form of an Oath. After winning the counter war, Humpherys was left tapped out and had no answer to the Monk Realist that removed the Survival or the second Tradewind Rider that would remove all of Humpherys land, so he scooped.

Game 2

Humpherys chose to draw in the second game, and he was the first player to cast a spell, Brainstorming at the end of Copeman's second turn. After having his second turn Survival of the Fittest countered, Copeman dropped a third turn Stronghold Machinist, a 1/1 that for UU allows you to discard a card to counter a spell. Humpherys tried to cast a Seal of Cleansing while Copeman was tapped out, but it was met with a Force of Will. Humpherys then played another land and dropped an Oath and it looked like Copeman was in trouble, but he had a bomb of his own ready. After playing basic lands for the first 3 turns Copeman dropped a Back to Basics, which would keep all of Humpherys tapped out lands locked down. Humpherys Oathed up a Feeder but couldn't draw lands to help him try and get out of the lock of the Back to Basics. After sacrificing the feeder and Oathing again, Humpherys found something a bit bigger, a Spike Weaver. When Copeman cast a Tradewind Rider Humpherys Oathed again this time obtaining a Morphling but things were beginning to look grim. With one untapped land on the table the Morphling could only be untargetable once before it would be back in his hand, provided Copeman drew a third creature. Despite drawing for several turns Humpherys was helpless as the Morphling was eventually returned to his hand when Copeman finally drew a creature, another Tradewind Rider. After having both his Morphling and his Weaver bounced and seeing Survival of the Fittest hit the table, Humpherys conceded the game and the match.

Copeman defeated Humpherys. 2-0

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