Round 5 Feature Match - Hideki Tsujimoto vs Terry Soh

Posted in Event Coverage on January 26, 2014

By Noel Neo

Terry has been Malaysia's stalwart Pro for the past decade. Winner of the Magic Invitational 2005, his is the face of Rakdos Augermage.

Having been on a bit of a hiatus since making the top 8 at the 2009 World Championship, Terry remains a legend on the local scene. Would this be his comeback event?

Game 1 was a thrilling exchange of massive tempo swings and evasive creatures.

After mulligans on both sides of the table, the players had different but equally effective routes to draw out of early mana woes. Hideki with Ordeal of Thassa on Omenspeaker and Terry with Warriors' Lesson on a pair of Wingsteed Riders.

Hideki stuck on Islands

Griptide netted Hideki the first tempo advantage in the race between the Thassa favoured and unblockable (Aqueous Form) Omenspeaker and Terry's pair of 3/3 Wingsteed Riders.

Terry pondering the impact of the Tempo Swing

Terry eventually nominated Elspeth, Sun's Champion to takedown the sea god's champion. But Hideki had a second Aqueous Form and Agent of Horizons to complete the race ahead.

At the end of the round, Terry pondered the optimal play when Hideki attacked a 2/4 Ordeal'd Omenspeaker into Traveling Philosopher and Wingsteed Rider with an Island open. He had chosen not to block as a play around Triton Tactics, but on hindsight, it might have been a bluff or misplay on Hideki's part.

Game 2 saw Terry clawing back from an early mana flood after a single mulligan. Nessian Asp allowed him to stabalise at 10 life to Hideki's 16 (damage from Wingsteed Rider) and Hundred-Handed One apparently solidified his board position.

However, Griptide copied by Meletis Charlatan demonstrated why board position is ephemeral against a blue deck and Hideki notched his second win with a team of Sealock Monster, Staunch-Hearted Warrior and the Charlatan.

Hideki wins 2-0 and advances undefeated.

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