Round 5 Feature Match: Jim Herold vs. Joost Winter

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By Mark Wraith

Joost Winter

Joost, who made top eight in Paris last year at the European Championship, won the die roll and wanted to go first. Jim's Llanowar Knight was immediately removed by a Scorching Lava, but then Joost stopped playing land with only two in play.

The German summoned a Hooded Kavu, a Nomadic Elf, and a Spirit Weaver, which brought Winter down to fourteen before he found his third land, in fact the Dutch player was forced to discard once. Joost used his three mana straight away to Zap Spirit Weaver, and Herold didn't have another creature to play, bringing Joost to ten with the Hooded Kavu and Nomadic Elf.

Joost also had Crosis' Charm to kill Hooded Kavu, but Jim gave his Nomadic Elf an Aggressive Urge, and a Gerrard's Command, bringing Joost on four. He finished the first game off with a Magma Burst and a Scorching Lava to burn the Dutchman out.

Even if Joost had gotten a better mana draw, he could still have lost since Jim had a great draw with lots of removal and quick creatures.

Joost Winter vs. Jim Herold

In the second game it was Jim's turn to be mana-screwed. His opening draw had only one land, but going second, with a Nomadic Elf and a Quirion Sentinel to play with his second, he kept it.

Joost played out two lands and a Firebrand Ranger, whereas Jim played nothing - his lack of a second land meant that he was forced to discard twice. Joost also had no lands again, attacking with his Ranger twice but without playing his third land.

Winter found his third land, and cast Sparring Golem, immediately before Jim found a second land. This land didn't do Jim much good though, as his Nomadic Elf was Scorching Lavaed, and his Quirion Sentinel was Zapped. He drew a third land but Pincer Spider was destroyed by Crosis' Charm, and a fourth land was no use either - his Charging Troll was Recoiled.

All this removal was enough for the Dutch player to attack five times with the Sparring Golem and Firebrand Ranger to decide game two.

Both players agreed that they would like to have a real game as they moved on to the final duel, with Jim asking Joost to play first.

This time there were no mana screws - Winter played Mountain, Swamp, Island, Tower Drake on his first three turns, while Jim had Mountain, Forest, Plains, Fertile Ground, Charging Troll, giving each player about as good a mana draw as they could hope for.

Jim Herold

Discontented with someone not having to discard, Joost Recoiled the land enchanted with Fertile Ground, and then Zapped Jim's Quirion Explorer. None of this stopped Jim attacking with Charging Troll, but this was changed when on his sixth turn Joost cast Hunting Drake, returning the Charging Troll to the top of Jim's library.

Winter began to attack with his Hunting Drake, the Tower Drake, and also a Cavern Harpy, and killed the Troll with Crosis' Charm. The flyers brought Jim down to four - not even a Canopy Surge would save him at this point and he had to concede to the flyers.

Final Result: Joost Winter defeats Jim Herold 2 - 1

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