Round 5 Feature Match - Le Saux vs. Sousa

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Collin Jackson

In this round's feature match, Rafaël Le Saux defended his hometown of Santiago against Brazilian foreigner Alex Sousa. Both players sported an impressive record of record of 3-0-1, but they each knew that they had a long way to go before clinching one of the coveted invitations to the Worlds. Alex's red-green deck sported powerful spells such as Flowstone Slide and Vitalizing Wind. Rafaël had a red-white deck with lots of creatures. In case he fell behind, he hoped to use his powerful Mageta the Lion to win the match.

The first game started out slow, as Rafaël played Laccolith Warrior, Chieftain en-Dal, and Shock Troops while Alex countered with Vine Trellis and Spitting Spider. Rafaël then played Silkenfist Order and began to go on the offensive, and Alex, outnumbered, struggled to regain control.

To make sure that there was no question about who was dominant in this match, Rafaël slammed his fearsome Mageta on the table. "Can you believe it? Somebody actually passed this to me," the confident Chilean was heard to say. He immediately enchanted his powerhouse with Inviolability to protect it from harm, then threw all of creatures at Alex. After a brief moment of indecision, Alex decided to concede rather than reveal any more of his cards.

The second game began with a quick beatdown by Rafaël, who played Mogg Toady, Thermal Glider, Trenching Steed, Troubled Healer, and Lightning Hounds. Alex was unable to play any creatures, but hoped to pull out the match using the Flowstone Slide in his hand. He missed a land drop on turn five, but managed to topdeck a mountain and laid down Thresher Beast. With only two life left, if he could draw a sixth land, he would totally wipe out Rafaël's attack. But the top card of Alex's deck was a Spitting Spider, and the match went to Rafaël Le Saux, 2-0.

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