Round 5 Feature Match: Mike Emmert (Crossroad Games, Standish. ME) vs. Mike McGee (TOGIT, NJ)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

Emmert won the Maine State Championship, and finished Top 4 in GP Tampa. McGee won the Mid Atlantic Regionals, and enjoys being the #1 ranked player in constructed under the age of 15.

Game 1

Emmert mulliganned down and missed his second land drop, eventually next turn he managed to get an island and play a Compulsion. McGee got 2 Krosan Verges and looked for a Forest and a Plain at Emmert’s end step. Emmert managed to morph in and unmorph an Exalted Angel next turn getting McGee down to 16.

Next turn McGee got a Mirari’s Wake and Compulsion of his own. Staring at an Angel McGee quickly Wrathed, unwilling to take anymore damage. After cycling with Compulsion and not being happy with the result, Emmert scooped it up.

Emmert 0 – McGee 1


McGee’s –3 Moments Peace – 2 Wrath of God, + 2 Seed Time +1 Ray of Distortion +1 Circular Logic +1 Opportunity.

Emmert –4 Wrath of God –1 Exalted Angel, + 2 Seed Time +1 Ray of Distortion +1 Circular Logic +1 Opportunity.

Game 2

It was McGee’s turn to mulligan, which was unfortunate, since Emmert elected to go second. He finally kept, and played 2 Verges, to which Emmert responded with a Compulsion. After having his Compulsion destroyed, Emmert got to pay McGee back with Ray of Distortion targeting McGee’s Compulsion.

McGee cast a Mirari’s Wake, which left Emmert rather unhappy. He responded with a Cunning Wish, which McGee countered to which Emmert responded with a Flash of Insight. Sadly for him, Mirari’s Wake resolved. Adamant in his desire to kill the Wake, Emmert flashed back the Ray of Distortion finally destroying the Wake. Next turn McGee cast another Mirari’s Wake, which Emmert attempted to Counterspell, but was denied with a Counterspell from McGee.

McGee got an Exalted Angel on the field, and after casting and flashing back 3 Deep Analysis with the help of Wake, McGee passed the turn, Emmert, now hoping for a miracle cast Opportunity at the end step, McGee cycled Renewed Faith, scrambling for an answer, but coming up short as the Opportunity resolved.

It looked really bad for Emmert as Mirari hit the table on the side of McGee. Remembering that he has almost no ways to deal with the Angel since he boarded out all his Wrath of God’s, Emmert was almost done for. He managed to kill the Mirari with a second Ray of Distortion, but the Angel was still a serious problem.

At the end of his turn Emmert tried to destroy the Wake with a flashed back Ray of Distortion, and a Counterspell battle ensued. Emmert was forced to let the Ray of Distortion be countered. Seeing that he did not have any more outs, Emmert conceded but not before sending his regards to his girlfriend Misty.

Emmert 0 – McGee 2

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