Round 5: Kai Budde vs. Brian Kibler

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

Budde - Adarkar Wastes
Kibler - Volcanic Island

You know this format is different when Kibler plays a turn two Chaos Orb. Budde played out some fast mana sources and resolved a Fact or Fiction, displaying an array of good spells to Kibler's Duress. Duress took out a Counterspell and Kibler flipped his Chaos Orb successfully to take out a permanent.

Budde used Mana Drain to counter Avalanche Riders, and went on to gain card economy by dropping Urza's Blueprints and Browse. Kibler's job would now be to win quickly as he was far behind on the card economy. He summoned Erhnam Djinn, and cast Stormbind. Dwarven Miner resolved as well, but Budde already had eight lands and a Mox in play, and an active Blueprints. Budde cast Enlightened Tutor searching for Mind over Matter, which prompted Kibler to concede the game. Mind Over Matter in combination with Urza's Blueprints would allow Budde to go through his deck to find Tolarian Academy and Stroke of Genius for the win.

Game 2

Budde: Contract from Below
Kibler: Black Lotus

This game was a must-win for Kibler, as there is no rare in Budde's deck worth more than a Lotus (indeed, no such rare anywhere in the format). Kibler eliminated the problem by drawing a Jeweled Bird though. He cast it and gave Budde the Bird, instead of the Lotus. Meanwhile, Kibler did not really plan on losing anyway. He kept Budde's mana supply down, and eventually removed both players' lands via Armageddon. Kibler kept a Serendib Efreet in play, putting Budde on a short clock.

Budde cast several instants and cycling cards to try and find the answer to Serendib Efreet, or at least get up to five mana so he could buy himself an extra turn with Time Warp. He managed to do it, drawing another land and casting a Fireball for four on the Djinn. Kibler had exhausted his resources pre-Armageddon and was now sitting on two mana sources. Budde sealed the game by destroying both of them - Wasteland on Mishra's Factory, and Dismantling Blow on Fellwar Stone. Kibler was down to no permanents in play, but Budde was only at two life points. Kibler top-decked a Taiga and cast Firestorm targeting Budde and himself, for the win.

Game 3

Budde: Tithe
Kibler: Time Spiral

Since the value of Tithe is not enough to cover the value of the Volcanic Island won by Budde, there was no need to play out game 3.

Final Result: Budde $13 (Volcanic Island) - Kibler $2 (Jeweled Bird)

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