Round 5: Kai's Gonna Get it! vs. Rankko Bongo Wheshiwheshi

Posted in Event Coverage on June 7, 2003

By Craig Jones

Kai's Gonna Get It! Well that's Mattias Jorstedt's hope anyway as the Swede is currently breathing down his neck in the player of the year race. His team consists of longtime team-mate Mattias Kettil and fellow Swede Mikael Polgary. Ranged against them is the international tour team of current World Champion Carlos Romao (Brazil), Jose Barbero (Argentina) and Wilfried Ranque of France.

A Mikael Polgary vs. Wilfried Ranque
B Mattias Jorstedt vs. Carlos Romao
C Mattias Kettil vs. Jose Barbero

"The World Champion versus the World's number one ranked player" – Mattias Kettil, commenting on the seat B matchup.

Carlos Romao is the current World Champion and has become a regular feature on the European Grand Prix circuit despite hailing from Brazil. Mattias Jorstedt has had a fantastic year so far. A PT win in Yokohama and two other PT top 8's from the three before.

Game 1


Thoughtbound Primoc
Jorstedt's red-blue deck started with a quick aerial assault. A Thoughtbound Primoc was followed by a Sage Aven, which in turn put a Sparksmith on top of his library. Romao's red-white soldier deck provided the answer as a timely cycling of a Gempalm Avenger meant his 2/2 Farseer and Deftblade Elite took care of both the 'smith and Sage Aven. Jorstedt's sole Thoughtbound Primoc needed to stay at home and defend the fort as Romao's soldiers started massing.

Barbero's insane draw of Timberwatch Elf, Shock and quick beats savaged Kettil in a few quick turns and as Ranque took a quick lead in his match things didn't look to be going too well for the Swedes.

When Jorstedt continued to draw land and not much else the Swede's fell to 1-0 down right across the board.

Romao 1-0 Jorstedt

Game 2

Game 2 was pretty savage as burn kept all the early creatures off the table apart from a sole Imagecrafter for Jorstedt. A Mobilization appeared to give Romao a never-ending stream of soldiers, providing he could stay alive long enough as Jorstedt took out half his life in two quick bites from a Skittish Valesk.

Romao was very good at correctly calling the coinflip on the Valesk, tying up Jorstedt's mana as he tried to force through the last 6 points of damage.

A Covert Operative appeared for Jorstedt but was less of a threat as the Brazilian had a Dive Bomber watching it warily.

Jorstedt's attack had stalled somewhat, which was really dangerous as it was giving Romao time to build up his lands and crank out an army with Mobilization.

In seat C the match was over as Kamahl appeared on Barbero's side of the table to give Wheshiwheshi a 1-0 lead.

Rankko Bongo Wheshiwheshi 1-0 Kai's Gonna Get It!


Glintwing Invoker
In seat B Jorstedt finally found a way to get through as he summoned a Glintwing Invoker. It came in the next turn both pumped and without tapping (The Imagecrafter was doing sterling work with Romao's Mobilization). The Brazilian had no fliers but he had a Renewed Faith to cycle and stay alive. He swung with his army of Soldiers and brought out a Dragonstalker to chump the Invoker. Another attack with the soldiers and it was close.

Not close enough though as the Brazilian had run out of creatures to get in the way of the Invoker and it finished him off the turn before he would have taken Jorstedt.

Romao 1-1 Jorstedt

Game 3

Game 3 and Romao seemed to have all the answers. Jorstedt enchanted Thoughtbound Primoc with Lavamancer's Skill, only for Romao to cycle it from the game with Astral Slide. The Primoc came back, but without any skill and to rub salt in the wound the Brazilian even had an Avenger to save his Farseer when Jorstedt tried to kill it in response.

Jorstedt fought back with Echo Tracer and Goblin Sledder but things looked very bad indeed when Romao tapped six mana and dropped a Dragon Roost on the table.

Jorstedt had to hope he wouldn't find a seventh land as he summoned an unblockable Covert Operative to race with. Trouble was he was already far behind to Romao's steadily growing Farseer.

At this point it became academic anyway as Wilfried Ranque won the decider between him and Polgary to give Wheshiwheshi a 2-0 lead.

Not long after Jorstedt fell as well. Choking Tethers tapped out Romao's forces to leave the Brazilian open to an alpha strike, but the best the Swede could manage was to put him to 1 life.

Carlos Romao beat Mattias Jorstedt 2-1

Final Result: Rankko Bongo Wheshiwheshi beat Kai's Gonna Get It! 3-0

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