Round 5: Kenny Hsiung vs. Joe Weber

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By Toby Wachter

Joe Weber

Game 1

Joe played first, and started the action with a Thornscape Familiar. Kenny then played Ravenous Rats, which caused Joe to discard Shivan Wurm. Joe played a Blurred Mongoose, but kept his creatures back, since they would die to the Rat. To make things worse, Kenny played a second Rat, causing Joe to lose an Urza's Rage. Kenny's Rats were incredible this game, as they removed two threats from Joe's hand, and kept two of his creatures back.

A Kavu Titan without kicker soon joined Joe's side, and Kenny continued the hand attack with Gerrard's Verdict, which forced Joe to lose a Thornscape Battlemage and a Thunderscape Battlemage. Spectral Lynx was summoned soon after, further repelling Joe's army. A third Rat was summoned, and Joe responded by playing Raging Kavu, which was the only card in his hand. A Voice of All increased Kenny's protection even further, and was followed by Desolation Angel with kicker. This was enough to convince Joe to scoop.

Hsiung- 1 Weber- 0

Game 2

Once again, Joe started off with a Thornscape Familiar. Creating a sense of déjà vu, Kenny once again answered back with Ravenous Rats, causing Joe to discard Kavu Chameleon. The Rats were shot down by a Flametongue Kavu, and Thornscape Familiar attacked for two points of damage. Kenny was stuck at two lands, and played a Crimson Acolyte. It fell to a Thornscape Battlemage, and Joe attacked for six. Kenny now found a third land, and played a Spectral Lynx. Joe attacked, and Kenny blocked and regenerating, leaving it open to be eliminated by Joe's Urza's Rage. A Kavu Titan also joined the mix, staring down Kenny's empty board.

Kenny Hsiung

Trying to come back, Kenny used Slay to kill off the Familiar. He took another four points of damage during Joe's attack. A second Kavu Titan joined Joe's army, and Kenny conceded.

Hsiung- 1 Weber- 1

Game 3

Kenny went first this time, for the first time in the match. Joe had to mulligan his opening hand. A Crimson Acolyte joined Kenny's side, and Joe answered back with Kavu Titan. Kenny then used Vindicate to destroy a forest, bringing Joe down to one land. This was a great play, as Joe missed his land drop, obviously stuck at only one land from his mulligan. Voice of All soon joined Kenny's side, and Joe still couldn't find a second land. A second Voice of All was summoned as well. Joe finally found a forest, but had lost too much tempo. He was staring down two pro-green flyers, and an active Crimson Acolyte.

Final Result: Hsiung- 2 Weber- 1

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