Round 5 - Marcos Tanaka vs. Julio Silva Maciel

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Julio played first, and summoned a Samite Pilgrim on Turn 2. It was promptly killed with Marcos' Tribal Flames. Marcos then followed up with Kavu Aggressor, while Julio played Diversionary Tactics and a Stormscape Apprentice. The Aggressor attacked for three, and was joined by a Viashino Grappler. Julio answered by playing Tek. Marcos then played Power Armor. Still, he had no answer for Tek, which was flying through the air for four points of damage every turn. He was forced to use his Armor to race. Julio gained tremendous tempo advantage when he used Rushing River with kicker to bounce both creatures back to Marcos' hand.

Tek continued its attack, and Marcos attempted to slow it down by playing Jilt with kicker, but it was countered with Confound. Julio then played Sunscape Apprentice. Marcos untapped, and started to rebuild with Stormscape Apprentice and Viashino Grappler. A Nightscape Battlemage was played without kicker, and Tek attacked yet again. Marcos then summoned Nightscape Familiar, a Hunting Drake that had no target, and Arctic Merfolk. Julio cast Planar Despair, which killed off every creature that was out except for Tek. This was enough to convince Marcos to concede.

Tanaka- 0 Maciel- 1

Game 2

Marcos played first this time. Julio summoned Samite Pilgrim on turn two once again, and Marcos played an Arctic Merfolk without kicker. Julio then played Benalish Lancer without kicker, while Marcos played Ceta Disciple. Julio tried to bring in the back-breaking Armored Guardian, but Marcos countered it with Gainsay. Marcos then made a Thunderscape Apprentice, while Julio summoned Stormscape Apprentice. Marcos dropped Dead Ringers, killing off the Pilgrim and Lancer.

Julio turned it around with Planar Despair, killing three of Marcos' creatures, and one of his own. Marcos followed up with Viashino Grappler, but Julio had all the answers. He Hobbled the Grappler, and played Diversionary Tactics along with Sunscape Battlemage. Marcos now played Jilt with kicker to bounce his Hobbled Grappler and kill Julio's Battlemage. The Grappler was Recoiled, but re-summoned on the following turn along with Rogue Kavu. Julio built up some defense with the help of Morgue Toad. He blocked in combat, and used Rushing River after damage went on the stack to save his Toad. However, the Toad died on the following turn to Tribal Flames, while Rogue Kavu attacked for three.

The Kavu then traded with Dodecapod, and Julio summoned Dega Disciple. Marcos broke out of the stalemate by playing Nightscape Familiar, and enchanting it with Quicksilver Dagger. Julio played Nightscape Battlemage with blue kicker, but forgot that it couldn't target black creatures. This meant that the troublesome card drawer would still be hard at work. Julio summoned Ravenous Rat, but it was rather unimpressive due to Marcos' large hand. Jilt with kicker was played to further diminish the size of Julio's army. He conceded a few turns later.

Tanaka- 1 Maciel- 1

Game 3

Julio played first, and for the third game in a row he summoned Samite Pilgrim on turn two. Marcos answered back with Phyrexian Battleflies, which came through for one on the following turn before being joined by Nightscape Familiar. The Battleflies then attacked for two, and Julio sat with five islands and a plains untapped, doing little else while the Battleflies continued their beatdown. Ceta Disciple came down to make the Flies bigger. A Dega Disciple was summoned by Julio, but it was rather unimpressive due to his lack of black mana. Marcos tried to kill it before it could come online with Death, but Julio countered it with Confound, drawing into the swamp he was waiting for. Tek was summoned soon after, but Jilt kept it off the table for a turn and allowed Marcos to attack through the air yet again.

At this point, Julio finally started to stabilize. He bounced Marcos' two non-black creatures with Nightscape Battlemage, and Hobbled the Battleflies on the following turn. Marcos replayed those creatures, along with Power Armor. However, Julio had the answer, as he played Cavern Harpy, bouncing the Battlemage. This allowed him to replay it, and the somewhat infinite engine that resulted would be hard for Marcos to bust through unless he could draw more Black creatures. Things looked even better for Julio when he played Urborg Uprising to gain massive card advantage. However, spending all this time and mana on developing his hand had left him well behind in the race. He soon succumbed to Marcos's army backed by Power Armor.

Tanaka- 2 Maciel- 1

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