Round 5 Pairings by Player

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Afro-Cuban Rhythm6vs.Forbidden Donut6
Aixelsyd Mae9vs.Insufficient Randomizatio9
All-Star Simpson Defense Tea9vs.Team Antarctic10
American Beauty9vs.Huey, Ben, and Casey9
Apac Nation4vs.Team Cerebus3
Bentley Renunion Tour9vs.Team Paradox9
Billy. Team9vs.Egghead Games9
Bloated Toad6vs.Five Legs6
Bolting Souls9vs.Suspicion Breeds Confidence9
Bunch O Nut6vs.God's Pizz6
Car Acrobatic Team6vs.Team Ramen6
China Ca12vs.Look Out Bello12
Dark Side of the Moo12vs.Just For Men12
Egghead Games9vs.Billy. Team9
Fear and Loathing in NY9vs.Nasty Butler9
Five Legs6vs.Bloated Toad6
Fleur de Lys9vs.Two Lawyers and a Leiher9
Forbidden Donut6vs.Afro-Cuban Rhythm6
FTL Team7vs.Kryptonite7
Gazebo Slayers12vs.Your Move Games12
God's Pizz6vs.Bunch O Nut6
Golden Guys3vs.Team Cow3
Huey, Ben, and Casey9vs.American Beauty9
Insufficient Randomizatio9vs.Aixelsyd Mae9
Just For Men12vs.Dark Side of the Moo12
Kryptonite7vs.FTL Team7
Look Out Bello12vs.China Ca12
Lords of the Underworld6vs.The Fix6
Nasty Butler9vs.Fear and Loathing in NY9
New Big Dogs6vs.Old Man and His Minions6
Old Man and His Minions6vs.New Big Dogs6
Potato Heads9vs.Team Bread Delivery9
Potato Nation9vs.Team Jank7
Really Rottens4vs.Team Shady4
Roll and Tack6vs.Team Wassabi4
Rug Doctors9vs.Team Diesel9
Sufficiently Randomized9vs.Team QCJ9
Suspicion Breeds Confidence9vs.Bolting Souls9
Team Antarctic10vs.All-Star Simpson Defense Tea9
Team Bread Delivery9vs.Potato Heads9
Team Cerebus3vs.Apac Nation4
Team Chimera0vs.Team Struzzin3
Team Cow3vs.Golden Guys3
Team Diesel9vs.Rug Doctors9
Team Goldfish6vs.Team Xanadu6
Team Grrrrr12vs.Tenacious D 3D12
Team Jank7vs.Potato Nation9
Team One-Twenty Soul7vs.That's Armageddon, Baby!6
Team Paradox9vs.Bentley Renunion Tour9
Team QCJ9vs.Sufficiently Randomized9
Team Ramen6vs.Car Acrobatic Team6
Team Shady4vs.Really Rottens4
Team Sheetz6vs.Three Cheaters6
Team Shephard6vs.The Fix Is In6
Team Struzzin3vs.Team Chimera0
Team Wassabi4vs.Roll and Tack6
Team Work10vs.TN Connection9
Team Xanadu6vs.Team Goldfish6
Tenacious D 3D12vs.Team Grrrrr12
That's Armageddon, Baby!6vs.Team One-Twenty Soul7
The Bedell Famil9vs.V9
The Fix6vs.Lords of the Underworld6
The Fix Is In6vs.Team Shephard6
Three Cheaters6vs.Team Sheetz6
TN Connection9vs.Team Work10
Two Lawyers and a Leiher9vs.Fleur de Lys9
V9vs.The Bedell Famil9
Your Move Games12vs.Gazebo Slayers12

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