Round 5 Pairings (by Team)

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By Wizards of the Coast

1 Bourbon,1 Scotch,1 Beer7vs.Excuse my French7
2 men and a sideboard9vs.Goblin Gate Aarhus9
40oz ALL STARS9vs.AlphaBetaUnlimited.com9
504 Boys9vs.Metropolis9
Aachen Fantastics 10vs.Team Thirties0
Absolute Samuels6vs.Hammer of Brno6
Aixelsyd maet4vs.Mickey Parade4
Alien Nation6vs.Team Erase6
AlphaBetaUnlimited.com9vs.40oz ALL STARS9
Antartica6vs.Daddy's Little Ladies6
Ayumi gumi9vs.Team Olari9
B.I.G.7vs.Team Bort7
Baku7vs.Your Moves Games8
Bavarian Nabobs9vs.HCP9
Bearly Legal3vs.TN Connection3
Being Zvi Mowshowitz6vs.Brothers Parker6
Big Dogs7vs.London7
Big Mana Birds4vs.Fever for Cowbell4
Black Ops5vs.Dogmas4
Bread Delivery7vs.Ray Force7
Brothers Parker6vs.Being Zvi Mowshowitz6
Car Acrobatic Team12vs.Team TnT12
Corporate Elbow4vs.Team K4
Cracker Crunch4vs.Dan Gray is my Hero3
Daddy's Little Ladies6vs.Antartica6
Dan Gray is my Hero3vs.Cracker Crunch4
Dark Side of the Moon9vs.Team Dueling Ground9
Dogmas4vs.Black Ops5
Draften Und Spielen12vs.Potato Nation10
Duck Trio0vs.Out on Bail0
Dwarven Demolition Team3vs.Team Tucson3
Excuse my French7vs.1 Bourbon,1 Scotch,1 Beer7
Farm, The6vs.Team Advanced Formula6
Fearless Hurloonies6vs.Paradox6
Fever for Cowbell4vs.Big Mana Birds4
Fix, The10vs.Slim Shady & Marks Bros10
Game Empire6vs.Juggernaut6
Gix Pix9vs.Team Work9
Goblin Gate Aarhus9vs.2 men and a sideboard9
Grrr6vs.Monkey Dog6
Hammer of Brno6vs.Absolute Samuels6
HCP9vs.Bavarian Nabobs9
Hubbo8vs.Team Outland8
Huey, Ben and Casey10vs.S.M - R.10
III Heroes6vs.Trash A6
Italians do it Better6vs.Min's Late6
Juggernaut6vs.Game Empire6
Just for Men4vs.Th14
Latin Lovers4vs.Team Harvard4
Les Videurs des quais7vs.Zagrev Sol7
Logikens Mastare5vs.Staines Massive5
London7vs.Big Dogs7
Lucious Nectar4vs.What's That funny smell4
Metropolis9vs.504 Boys9
Mickey Parade4vs.Aixelsyd maet4
Minions of Atog6vs.Team Sped7
Min's Late6vs.Italians do it Better6
Monkey Dog6vs.Grrr6
Monster Rod7vs.Rolled-up Aces7
Occult System4vs.US4
Out on Bail0vs.Duck Trio0
Pantalons De Singe1vs.Team Ralph1
Paradox6vs.Fearless Hurloonies6
Potato Nation10vs.Draften Und Spielen12
Ray Force7vs.Bread Delivery7
Rolled-up Aces7vs.Monster Rod7
S.M - R.10vs.Huey, Ben and Casey10
Slim Shady & Marks Bros10vs.Fix, The10
Sol Malka Fan Club9vs.Team Cream9
Spunk Monkey3vs.Woodpusherz3
Staines Massive5vs.Logikens Mastare5
Team Advanced Formula6vs.Farm, The6
Team Bort7vs.B.I.G.7
Team Cream9vs.Sol Malka Fan Club9
Team Diesel3vs.Yalta3
Team Dueling Ground9vs.Dark Side of the Moon9
Team Erase6vs.Alien Nation6
Team Harvard4vs.Latin Lovers4
Team K4vs.Corporate Elbow4
Team Olari9vs.Ayumi gumi9
Team Outland8vs.Hubbo8
Team Ralph1vs.Pantalons De Singe1
Team Rocket3vs.Tomguevin@aol.com2
Team Sped7vs.Minions of Atog6
Team Thirties0vs.Aachen Fantastics 10
Team TnT12vs.Car Acrobatic Team12
Team Tucson3vs.Dwarven Demolition Team3
Team Work9vs.Gix Pix9
Team Zero Tolerance Policy6vs.Tronderbataljonen6
Th14vs.Just for Men4
TN Connection3vs.Bearly Legal3
Tomguevin@aol.com2vs.Team Rocket3
Trash A6vs.III Heroes6
Tronderbataljonen6vs.Team Zero Tolerance Policy6
US4vs.Occult System4
What's That funny smell4vs.Lucious Nectar4
Woodpusherz3vs.Spunk Monkey3
Yalta3vs.Team Diesel3
Your Moves Games8vs.Baku7
Zagrev Sol7vs.Les Videurs des quais7

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