Round 5 - Samuel Tharmaratnam vs Ronald Be

Posted in Event Coverage on August 20, 2011

By Josh Bennett

Sam Tharmaratnam is a Toronto PTQ fixture. He placed 50th at PT Paris this year, and then couldn't bring himself to foot the bill for Nagoya. San Francisco seems a lot more manageable. Both he and his opponent, Montreal's Ronald Be, have started off 4-0. Only one would remain undefeated.

Be won the die roll and chose to play. Tharmaratnam was first on the board with Phantasmal Bear. Be summoned a turn-two Garruk's Companion. Tharmaratnam hit for two and played Stormfront Pegasus. Be returned fire and Tharmaratnam declined the trade. Be cast Sacred Wolf.

Ronald Be

Tharmaratnam hit for four and played Gideon's Lawkeeper, stuck on just two lands. When Be swung in with his two creatures, Tharmaratnam was happy to trade the Lawkeepr for the Sacred Wolf. Be simply played another. Tharmaratnam Unsummoned the Companion at end of turn, untapped, and hit for four. He still had no play.

Be suited up his Wolf with Spirit Mantle and attacked, bringing the life totals even at ten apiece. He replayed Garruk's Companion and passed. Finally Tharmaratnam hit a third land. He dropped Pacifism on Garruks' Companion and attacked, leaving Be at six. Be evened things up and put out Giant Spider to block. Tharmaratnam found land number four for Assault Griffin, but that was just lunch for Be's next play of Stingerfling Spider. Two hits from the Wolf and the game was Be's.

Be 1 - Tharmaratnam 0

Tharmaratnam's turn-one Phantasmal Bear was even better on the play, but he had no turn-two play to follow. Be played his Garruk's Companion, but Tharmaratnam sent it home with Aether Adept, hitting for another two. Be killed the Bear with Divine Favor. Tharmaratnam hit for two more with the Adept and played a Coral Merfolk.

Be put the breaks on things with Giant Spider. Tharmaratnam played his fifth land and passed. The Companion hit play again. Tharmaratnam Pacified the Spider and attacked. The Companion traded with the Aether Adept. Be summoned Auramancer, getting back his Divine Favor. It quickly traded with Coral Merfolk.

Samuel Tharmaratnam

Tharmaratnam looked like he was out of gas. He could only summon a Griffin [autocard]Sentinel[/autocard] to his side. Be one-upped him with Stampeding Rhino. Tharmaratnam bought time with Stonehorn Dignitary. Be simply boosted his offence with Sacred Wolf enchanted with the dreaded Spirit Mantle.

The Sentinel flew overhead for one, and Tharmaratnam passed the turn. Be gave his Wolf Divine Favor and swung in with it and the Rhino. Tharmaratnam double-blocked and played Mighty Leap, but mistakenly put it on his Dignitary, which was ordered second. It turned out not to matter, however. Be's Wolf continued to hit, and between Stingerfling Spider and Arachnus Web, there was no way for Tharmaratnam to outrace it.

Ronald Be defeats Sam Tharmaratnam 2-0

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