Round 5: Trey Van Cleave vs. Brock Parker

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By Tarik Browne

Both players played Dark Solution decks, which feature cheap efficient creatures, such as Spectral Lynx and Meddling Mage, backed up with counter magic and bounce. Like a lot of the decks in the environment, these decks thrive on controlling the tempo of game to win.

Game 1

Both players played land for the first four turns without doing anything else as each tried to make the other commit to playing spells which the other will no doubt counter. Trey made the first nonland play of the game at the end of Brock's fifth turn, tapping out to play Fact or Fiction. Brock responded with a Fact or Fiction of his own leaving one blue mana available. The cards revealed were two Voice of All, Island, Plains and Disrupt. Trey put the two Voices of All together and Brock takes them, then countered Trey's Fact or Fiction with a disrupt from his hand.

Trey then took advantage of the fact that Brock is tapped out to play a Galina's Knight that he attacked with on his next turn after countering a Voice of All. With Brock again having no mana open, Trey added more creatures to his side of the table, choosing white for a Voice of All. Brock played a Voice of his own, also naming white and could now at least hold off Trey's bears. Trey was not done, however, and he played another Spectral Lynx, giving him a definite edge in the game.

Trey loosened up a little and started questioning the quality of Brock's hand. "That's probably the worst non mana-screwed hand I have ever seen I think," said Trey. Brock declined to respond to the comment.

Play was delayed for a brief while as Trey questioned whether Brock had laid a second land or not but count back revealed that there was no problem. Once the issues was resolved Brock cast another Voice of All which slowed the damage from four a turn to two a turn but it proves not be enough and Brock scoops after being forced to chump block with his mages to survive and Trey summoned two more creatures to seal the win.

Trey 1 - Brock 0

Game 2

Brock took the initiative in this game from the start, leading with a Stormscape Apprentice turn one and following it up with a Samite Elder from his sideboard. The Elder presented a real problem for Trey as the similarities of their decks maximised its effectivness. Brock then began to attack with a Spectral Lynx which Trey declined to block with either Meddling Mage or Galina's Knight.

Brock used a Repulse on Trey's Apprentice before it became active and continued to swing with the Lynx. Things looked even worse for Trey as a second Lynx was summoned. He was forced to chump block one of them next turn. Despite managing to repulse the elder back to Brock's hand, Trey couldn't stop the Lynx beatdown and conceded a few turns later.

Trey 1 - Brock 1

Game 3

The game began with only ten minutes left in the round and even with both players getting a good start the game timed out.

Final Result: Trey van Cleave drew with Brock Parker 1-1

Trey van Cleave

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Brock Parker

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