Round 5: Zach Patrick-Riley vs. Harrison Tietze

Posted in Event Coverage on June 1, 2002

By Paul Jordan

This is the halfway point of the tournament, with these two competitors both battling their ways to 3-1 records. Zach hails from Alaska, while Harrison is a regular at Neutral Ground New York. Zach is running the popular Blue-Green madness deck, while Harrison chose to play with Trenches.

Zach won the roll and started the ball rolling with one of the few plays you routinely see both in Limited and Constructed: the ever-mighty turn 2 Mongrel. His third turn he played Careful Study and forgot to play a land, which he realized during Harrison's turn. Harrison was content to make his land drops until turn 6, when he played out a Trenches. Zach had flashed back a Call of the Herd (it was discarded) and gotten some creatures Repulse'd in this time, including the vulnerable-to-bounce token. Zach swung with a Mongrel into potential Goblin-Soldiers, and sure enough there were some to block. Zach was ready with some Madness to save his Mongrel, in the form of Arrogant Wurm. Harrison was wise enough to leave enough mana to counter it though, and his tokens left play. The same thing happened the following turn, including the Arrogant Wurm and Counterspell parts, but this time a small counter war was fought and lost over the Wurm (it did not resolve). The Mongrel was Repulsed and then Prophetic Bolted when replayed, and Zach never drew more threats, dying to a swarm of 1/1 tokens.

Harrison felt so good after game 1 that he decided to see how things went when he only had 6 cards with which to start. A turn 1 Careful Study failed to give Zach the goods, and 2 lands got thrown away. Merfolk Looter looked menacing, cantriping out an Arrogant Wurm on Harrison's turn 3 end step. The Wurm was sent back to his hand when attacking, and some technology was revealed in the form of Still Life. The Wurm got Absorbed when it tried to get back into play, and the Still Life continued to attack away. A second Looter made it on the table, but Zach had to tap low on mana to do so, allowing Harrison to Fire both away. Zach didn't mind too much though, as he ripped a 3rd and it hit play after a Counterspell from both players. The Still Life got Prophetic Bolted the following turn, and a turn later the Looter fell to Fire. Lightning Angel was Circular Logiced, and then Harrison let loose with the Fact or Fiction he hadn't had time or mana to play since the game was so hectic and fast-paced. He gained another Angel and a Counter and 7 turns later the game was over, as Zach was drawing his sideboard cards, but he sideboarded against Trenches and not creatures.

Final Result: Zach Patrick-Riley 0, Harrison Tietze 2

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