Round 6: Bart Genders vs Frank Karsten

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Frank Karsten, one third of the very successful team, is probably the best Dutch player you’ve never heard of. Finishing in the money time and again at Pro Tours he has somehow managed to escape every reporter’s attention, getting less feature matches than Kai Budde’s kid sister. He nevertheless has a very nice resume with multiple Pro Tour top 16’s and a GP top 8.
Bart Genders is not as well known as Frank and definitely doesn’t have his list of accomplishments. Going into retirement at least once every year he usually does well whenever he decides to game. He also used to be Karsten’s teammate when both of them lived in the same town making this kind of a grudge match.
Bart is 4-0-1 with UG madness and Frank is 4-1 with monoblack.

Game 1

Bart won the toss and chose to play first madnessing a Rootwalla into play with his Careful Study. He drew a Forest off the top to enable his Wild Mongrel and Frank played Edict getting rid of the Rootwalla. A Quiet Speculation put Roar, Roar, Analysis in the graveyard with Bart opting for the beatdown plan instead of the card advantage plan. It seemed correct as Frank’s Mutilates wouldn’t be able to take out the Wurm tokens just yet. Frank drew a card for his third turn and sighed, casting Tainted Pact without playing a land. Bart didn’t bite and let it resolve and Frank took the first card, a Swamp, and played it. He played Mutilate on turn 4 killing just the Mongrel and had to pass it back. Bart’s turn was a lot better, flashbacking his Deep Analysis, finding a Mongrel and casting it. A turn after Frank Tainted Pacted into another Swamp and played an Undead Gladiator but Bart had an end of turn Rootwalla to make sure he had nine damage no matter what creature Frank blocked.

1-0 Bart

Game 2

A first turn Duress for Frank had four different targets, Turbulent Dreams, Deep Analyis, Compost and Quiet Speculation. Accompanying those was a lonely Rootwalla for beatdown. Frank took the Compost. The Rootwalla got Edicted and Bart played another Compost, nicely topdecked the turn before. Another Rootwalla came down on turn 3 and his Speculation fetched Roar, Analysis, Roar. Frank’s Diabolic Tutor paled in comparison. It got him Visara though which promised to take over the game in a hurry if left unchecked. Bart bounced it once with Turbulent Dreams but had to overextend into Mutilate to be able to beat the Visara when it would come back down and Frank had it. When Frank cast Visara again Bart had no answer and the Pit Fighter Legend took game two.


Game 3

Both players kept and Bart kicked things off with a Rootwalla and a Compost. Frank had a Nantuko Shade. An Aquamoeba gave Bart a madness outlet. Frank decided to race with the Shade attacking for five on turn three. He attacked again on turn four and Bart blocked with a surprise Rootwalla costing Frank another turn. Bart didn’t have any pressure to go with his Aquamoeba and Rootwalla but when he got Duressed he did show Logic, Logic, Arrogant Wurm.

“See, that’s exactly why I kept losing this matchup!” shouted Wessel Oomens, who posted a 3-3 record with the same decklist.

The Arrogant Wurm came out at end of turn and Bart had to figure out whether or not to attack into the potential 6/5 Nantuko Shade. He did just to force four damage through and madnessed a second Arrogant Wurm through his Aquamoeba, losing the first. When Frank Edicted with 4 mana up the next turn, Bart decided to Logic it anyway and got his team Mutilated. He did draw three cards in the process though and, with an Analysis in the graveyard, he’d have a lot of opportunity to refuel. He didn’t draw anything after flashing the Analysis and had to pass the turn without playing a spell. Frank’s first Corrupt got countered by Logic number three but when he Tutored for a second one the next turn it resolved and won the game and the match.

2-1 Frank

Frank Karsten

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Bart Genders

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