Round 6: Britt Fitch vs Tony Patronick

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Andrew Stokigner

The two teammates sat down, both with 3-2 records. They mulled over the standings trying to figure out if they could make Top 8. The odds were against them, but they decide to split the prize money and play it out.

Britt won the roll. "That's it, I call shenanigans!" Tony exclaimed. Britt led with turn 1 Elf and turn two morph, while Tony dropped the almighty Beloved Chaplain, ready for any attack. Britt didn’t have the white to flip his morphed Angel over on turn three, but he did play a Birds of Paradise, so he could flip it next turn. Tony's Master Apothecary kept Britt from attacking when he did flip it the next turn. Tony got a Glorious Anthem on the table so his Chaplain could swinging for two each turn.

"Who has Beast Attack in their hand? - Tony
(Britt raises his hand)

Tony sent in his Beloved Chaplain and played his own morph. Britt obviously had Beast Attacks.

"What has happened to Type 2?" comments Zvi while walking by
“Look at the deck you are playing!” - Tony
“I didn't say I wasn't partly responsible” - Zvi

Britt attacked, getting in a little damage, then dropped a Glory into play. Tony flipped his morph and attacked, and the Glory jumped in the way. Britt played another morphed Angel, then flipped it after Tony played a second Master Apothecary.

The battle of damage prevention and life gaining continued, with Tony and Britt only getting minimal damage in each turn. Tony counted it up and attacked for the win.

Fitch- 0 Patronick- 1

Britt commented about how people have been asking him if they can get on Team Academy now that he's back playing on MTGO, and they've cleaned up their act. "I think part of making the team is getting a ride to the event in Andy's car."

Tony mulliganed, and Britt started off with, Bird, morph, flip Angel, and Elephant Guide. Britt had played first, so Tony was behind the gun, with only a few Clerics, including the Master and a Glorious Anthem. Britt's attack was prevented down to one damage, before he cast Living Wish for an Intrepid Hero from his sideboard. Tony played a Whipcorder, so that Britt only got one more attack in before he was on the lockdown. Tony cast a Battle Screech, and flashed it back, putting four 2/2 birds into play.

Britt's army of elephant and beast tokens as well as his Wild Mongrel and Glory were too much for Tony to be able to attack with anything more than his Beloved Chaplain. Britt sent in the team anyways, losing all of his large creature tokens and dealing no damage. Tony, however, matched the play the following turn by playing a second Glorious Anthem, so that Britt could start destroying his creatures. It didn't matter too much since Tony sent in the team, putting Britt to five life.

Britt, happy at the fact that he survived, attacked back with his Angel to gain some life, then put a morph into play. Tony attacked again the next turn, putting Britt to three and killing Glory in the process. Tony didn't realize that Britt could just untap and use Glory's ability to swing in for the win.

Fitch- 1 Patronick- 1

Game 3

Tony got to play first, and started off ramping up with turn one and two creatures, and a turn three Glorious Anthem. Britt held off the attack with a Wild Mongrel, followed by an Anurid Brushhopper. He capped it off by dropping a second Mongrel, then pitching and flashing back a Ray of Relevation. Tony cast Battle Screech on his turn, and flashed it back. The Birds continued swinging in, while Britt tried to mount an offense based on a Elephant Guided Mongrel, and a Glory in his graveyard. Tony stopped all hope of a quick victory by playing a Master Apocathery and a Spurnmage Advocate. Britt played a Ravenous Baloth, but Tony drew the Glorious Anthem that made his birds 2/2's. Britt stayed alive for a few more turns, but couldn’t find a blocker or get any damage in.

Tony Patronick won 2-1, but then offered the draw with Britt so that they could both win money. Britt accepted.

Britt and Tony intentionally draw the match.

Britt Fitch

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Tony Patronick

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