Round 6: Carlos Romão vs. Gérard Garcia

Posted in Event Coverage on November 30, 2002

By Craig Jones

Carlos Romão is the current World Champion. The Brazilian player is currently visiting France before moving onto Spain. He's playing the same archetype that brought him success at World's – Psychatog. His opponent, Gérard Garcia, has performed well at GP's this year with a top 8 at London. He brought the Rock to the table.

The disadvantage of being known for a specific archetype became apparent quickly as Garcia opened with turn 1 Cabal Therapy and correctly guessed Psychatog. A barrage of Therapies left the Brazilian down to a Force Spike and some land. An Intuition followed by Accumulated Knowledge for 4 cards soon repaired the damage. Garcia hadn't really been able to capitalize, only being able to attack with a lone Treetop Village.

The Frenchman Tutored then summoned a Genesis that went through unopposed. Romão built up his hand a bit more with an end of turn Fact or Fiction. Strangely Garcia chose to split it land and spells.

Treetop Village and Genesis crashed in to leave the World Champion at 2. He countered a first flashback Therapy and Garcia chose not to flashback the second, keeping a Bird of Paradise to soak up any edicts.

In his turn Romão thought for a long time before laying a land and then discarding Wonder in his end step. Garcia attacked for the kill only for Romão to wish for Hibernation and return all his creatures back to his hand. Romão then chose to counter the Birds. In his turn he drew a card and passed the turn.

Garcia laid a second Treetop Village and again tried to attack for the game. With only one Edict in hand Romão couldn't stop the first village.

Garcia 1-0 Romão

Fact or Fiction
Game 2 started badly for Garcia. He mulliganed and then stuck at two land. He summoned a Bird of Paradise that Romão let onto the table. An end of turn Fact or Fiction couldn't have looked good for Garcia as he was forced to split it Diabolic Edict, Diabolic Edict, or Counterspell and two land. Romão already had an Edict so he took the second pile, then Duressed away a deed and killed the bird in his turn.

Finally Garcia found a third land and started dropping Spike Feeders. They team blocked one of Romão's two tog's and bumped up Garcia's life total. Then the Frenchman started a war of attrition on Romão's graveyard and hand, throwing an Elder in the way on the next turn.

A 4th Edict from Romão disposed of a second Elder and in the same end of turn step Romão Intuitioned for two knowledges and a Deep Analysis to bulk his hand up. The Tog's swung then the big Up's reset the board. A bird kept it at bay for a turn but the next saw a Psychatog rampage through for lethal damage with Counterspell at the ready for a last-ditch Diabolic Edict from Garcia.

Garcia 1-1 Romão

Garcia opened again with Cabal Therapy, naming Counterspell this time and missing as Romão was holding land and card drawing in the form of two Deep Analysis, Brainstorm and Accumulated Knowledge. He followed with a Duress and Bird of Paradise while Romão cast the knowledge.

Garcia was again having land problems. The reasoning on not sacrificing the bird to Therapy Romão became clear when he failed to make a land the next turn, summoning Pernicious Deed. An Elder followed to give Garcia hope. Romão pecked away with a Tog while Garcia came back at him with an Elder.

While Garcia built up his mana base Romão built up his hand with Deep Analysis.

Time was called with the game in Stalemate. Garcia couldn't really win but his opponent had a deck easily capable of ending the game in one turn. Garcia had to sit on the Deed with 3 mana open and hope Romão didn't have another tog and Upheaval in hand.

In extra turns Garcia went for a Ravenous Baloth to try and put his life total out of danger. A Fact or Fiction netted Romão 4 cards at the expense of a 'tog. He wished at end of turn for a Hibernation. The World Champion was running out of turns. He Hibernated in the third extra turn. Garcia sacrificed the Baloth for 4 life and blew the deed to take down the tog. Romão laid another Tog to make things nervy for the Frenchman. He cast another deed. Romão didn't have a counter so the game ended in a draw.

Final Result: Gérard Garcia 1-1 Carlos Romão

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