Round 6 - Carlos Terrera vs Victor Galimbertti

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Carlos played first, and accelerated his mana with an Urborg Elf. He then attacked with the Elf on the following turn, and played Nightscape Familiar. Victor simply played a land and ended his turn. Carlos continued to develop his board position with Jungle Barrier, and attacked with the Familiar and Elf. Victor now played a fourth land and his first spell of the game in Quirion Trailblazer, which fetched a Mountain. Carlos then untapped, and played Smoldering Tar.

Victor summoned Sparkcaster, bouncing the Trailblazer back to his hand. Carlos played Thornscape Familiar, and a Fertile Ground. Victor now untapped, summoned Razorfin Hunter, and replayed the Trailblazer, fetching an Island. A Duskwalker with kicker was summoned by Carlos on the next turn, and it seemed that it would break the stalemate. Victor's Sparkcaster headed into the Red Zone, and was met by Nightscape Familiar, which regenerated. With Carlos all tapped out, the Razorfin Hunter was able to shoot away the Familiar. Flametongue Kavu came down as well, taking out the Duskwalker. Finally, Victor played Diversionary Tactics.

A Stone Kavu was summoned by Carlos on the following turn. During the end step, Victor used Diversionary Tactics to tap down the Barrier. He then played a second Flametongue Kavu, shooting down Stone Kavu. With the path cleared, the first Flametongue attacked along with Sparkcaster. Thornscape Familiar blocked and traded with the Flametongue, and Carlos took five damage. To make the board position even worse, Victor brought out Goblin Trenches- a great card that is even better with Diversionary Tactics.

Carlos now played Planeswalker's Scorn and activated it, targeting Flametongue Kavu. Tribal Flames was revealed, and the Flametongue went to the graveyard. During the end step, Goblin Trenches was activated, and Victor tapped down the Barrier. Everybody but the Hunter attacked on the following turn, and Victor summoned Coastal Drake. Carlos thought about his options, and decided to concede.

Terrera- 0 Galimbertti- 1

Game 2

Carlos played first this game, and decided to mulligan his opening hand. Not much happened for the first few turns, until Victor played an Amphibious Kavu. Carlos answered by summoning Jungle Barrier. Victor then played Sparkcaster, bouncing back the Kavu. Carlos summoned Stone Kavu, and ended his turn. Flametongue Kavu came down on Victor's side, taking out the Stone Kavu. Still, Carlos was hiding safely behind his Jungle Barrier. His defense was increased somewhat with Smoldering Tar, but the mulligan had really hurt Carlos. He had two cards in hand at this point, while Victor had a hand filled with good stuff.

Victor saw his opportunity, and attacked with both of his creatures. Jungle Barrier blocked, and Jilt was used to kill off the Barrier and bounce the Flametongue back to safety and ready to see action again. Carlos sacrificed Smoldering Tar to kill Sparkcaster on the following turn, leaving both players with no non-land permanents. This wasn't much of a problem for Victor, as he slowly started to rebuild his forces with Quirion Elves and Amphibious Kavu. Carlos summoned Reef Shaman on the following turn.

The Kavu attacked, and was joined up by Sulam Djinn. Carlos then played Razorfin Hunter, which didn't seem too threatening in the current board state. The Djinn and Kavu attacked on Victor's turn, and the army was increased when a Faerie Squadron with kicker was summoned. Carlos answered back by playing Canopy Surge with kicker, which killed off the Squadron. He then played Lightning Angel, and attacked for three damage. The Angel was certainly a reasonable target for the Flametongue Kavu, which made its second appearance of the game. This gave Victor complete control of the board, and victory was a formality.

Terrera- 0 Galimbertti- 2

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