Round 6: Eric Leander vs. Thomas Rosholm

Posted in Event Coverage on October 12, 2002

By Craig Jones

Wirewood Elf
Both Eric Leander and Thomas Rosholm are strong players from Sweden with Pro Tour experience, although they haven't yet hit the levels of success enjoyed by fellow countrymen Anton Jonsson and Jens Thoren.

Thomas Rosholm elected to go first. He dropped a Wall of Mulch and cycled it to draw a card, still missing a fourth turn land. He brought out a mystery morph guy then resumed his curve with a Gustcloak Sentinel.

Meanwhile Leander accelerated out a Gigapede with a Wirewood Elf and followed it with a Wirewood Savage. Rosholm picked off the elf with an Erratic Explosion and the Gigapede went temporarily to the graveyard after being blocked by the morph guy.

A war of tricks followed. Rosholm tried to cast Leander offguard by Inspiriting a Fury Crowned Sentinel to block a Treespring Lorien only for Leander to out-trick him with Shade's Form.

Leander kept cranking out the fat. Towering Baloth, then Barkhide Mauler.

"Fatties for the fat guy," Rosholm and Leander joked.

Rosholm brought out a bunch of Goblins to go with his Sparksmith. Leander chose to snuff it out with a Cruel Revival before it started getting dangerous. Screeching Buzzard then Elvish Riders added to the pressure. Rosholm didn't have time to make full use of his Sigil of the New Dawn.

Rosholm hit back with his own Mauler, only for Leander to tap his belly and drop a massive Groundshaker onto the table. Rosholm went down beneath an avalanche of fat beasts.

Leander 1-0 Rosholm

Game 2 Rosholm went on the offense early with a Goblin Sledder. Nothing appeared in support as Leander cycled a Swat and then ramped up his mana with an Elvish Pioneer. Rosholm went looking for a land with a Tusker and then Barkhide Maulers faced off on both sides.

Leander added a Gigapede while Rosholm made a Herald and then a second morph creature as the game developed into a ground stall. Rosholm was the one who had to make a move quickly though as a Wellwisher from Leander appeared on Leander's side of the table.

Dragon Roost
The elf stayed around and Rosholm looked in a bad way. Leander still needed a way to finish him off and his deck obligingly coughed up a Gluttonous Zombie.

The Rosholm reached six mana and busted out Dragon Roost. Suddenly Wellwisher looked like it needed a lot more elves for company.

Zombie and elf versus the dragon factory. Leander could handle one dragon but suddenly it was two then three...

With unbblockable lethal damage threatened the next turn Leander had no option but to send his whole team into the red zone. Rosholm thought very carefully about blockers, but Leander wasn't holding a trick and it was time for a decider.

Leander 1-1 Rosholm

Leander chose to go first and again was facing a turn 1 Sledder. Rosholm followed it with a Wall of Mulch. Leander dropped a Wirewood Savage onto the table and Rosholm terminated it with extreme prejudice as Erratic Explosion turned over Krosan Tusker.

Morph guys showed up o both sides just to hold things up to give the fat monsters time to show up. First was a Barkhide Mauler, but one of Rosholm's morph creatures revealed itself to be a Battering Craghorn and took the Mauler down with the help of the Sledder.

Crown of Suspicion put paid to that nuisance and another mystery morph guy appeared. Leander sent one of them in and a Treespring Lorian bounced out for an extra five points of damage. They looked important as six mana equalled enough to get Dragon Roost into play. Seven land equalled 5/5 flier every turn.

It was another race – unblockable Gluttonous Zombie vs the dragon factory. This time Rosholm was starting from a much lower life total. He dropped to four was denied an extra turn as Leander ended the game then by boosting the zombie with Shade's Breath.

Final Result: Eric Leander beat Thomas Rosholm 2-1

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