Round 6: Feature Match – Luis Scott-Vargas vs. Brad Nelson

Posted in Event Coverage on August 5, 2011

By Marc Calderaro

So Brad Nelson was pretty unhappy with his deck. He showed it to Brian Kibler after losing his last round to drop to 4-1. "This might be the worst M12 limited deck I've ever seen," was the first thing Kibler said. He followed that comment closely with, "If you're to win a match this draft, you a) have to get extremely lucky, while b) your opponent gets extremely unlucky."

"My deck is pretty terrible too." Luis Scott-Vargas returned.

The usually chipper Brad Nelson was slightly frowning and slumping in his chair. This draft had gotten the best of him. On a lighter note, to figure out who went first, Luis laid two cards face down and said, "Pick the better card for constructed. Don't worry, it's not close." Nelson flipped over a Wurm's Tooth, while LSV showed a Dragon's Claw.

"See? Not close. I'll play."

Luis Scott-Vargas

Game One

They both kept and LSV played a turn-two Crimson Mage off a Mountain and a Plains. He then cast a Divine Favor on it the following turn and attacked into a Reassembling Skeleton that declined to block. When Scott-Vargas attacked again, Nelson's Skeleton happily joined the fray, because this time he was aided by a Sacred Wolf. All three creatures went happily to the graveyard.

Scott-Vargas quickly refilled with an Arbalest Elite and an Auramancer returning the Divine Favor. Nelson's refilling consisted of the Skeleton rising from the grave and a Garruk's Companion. An un-aura'ed Thran Golem and an Auramancer attacked the following, making the totals 23-13 in Luis Scott-Vargas' favor. Brad's demeanor was getting lower, but it hadn't hit bottom yet. That came when he realized the Divine Favor on Luis' Thran Golem also gave in Flying, in addition to First Strike, Trample. and +3/+5. Two turns later, Brad was at one. Three turns later, he was dead.

Luis Scott-Vargas 1 – 0 Brad Nelson

"I can see from the spells we cast that neither of us were exaggerating about our decks." Scott-Vargas said. Brad could only let out a slight chuckle.

Sad Brad

Game Two

Though Nelson went first, Scott-Vargas cast the inaugural spell in Crown of Empires. A turn-four Reassembling Skeleton was Brad's sort-of response, to which Luis cast a Rusted Sentinel.

The Sentinel's power was clearly too imposing, so an Arachnus Web answered it. LSV tried to add power with Divine Favor, but before it could resolve, Nelson Naturalized the Sentinel away.

Over a few turns LSV added a Thran Golem, Blood Ogre (bloodthirsty, mind you) and a Benalish Veteran, who received a Deathmark. Brad had another Reassembling Skeleton and a Rusted Sentinel of his own. There was an old fashioned stalemate round these parts.

That is, until Scott-Vargas cast a Flameblast Dragon.

Brad scoffed, drew his next card, and packed it in. I guess to Kibler's comment, neither a) nor b) happened for Brad. I didn't see him getting any happier as he walked away from the table.

Luis Scott-Vargas 2 – 0 Brad Nelson

Luis Scott-Vargas is now 5-1; Brad Nelson is 4-2.

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