Round 6 Feature Match:

Posted in Event Coverage on December 6, 2003

By Rui Oliveira

When you talk about Magic's European old-timers you can't really avoid these two names. Long before there was Kai Budde, Kroger was one of Germany's top stars. He recently came back into the spotlight with a Top 8 at Worlds this year. LoMoro has a Top 8 at Worlds as well, just not as recently.

Game 1

Lo Moro opened with Pyrite Spellbomb and Tel-Jilad Chosen. Kroger answered with Iron Myr and Hematite Golem. The Pyrite got cycled but Raffaele still had no play. Peer drew and dropped another problem for Lo Moro - Spikeshot Goblin.

The Italian sent in the Chosen and dropped Dragon Blood a turn too late to save his creature from Spikey. Kroger was the lone lord and master of the table as his creatures rampaged through the Red Zone with almost total impunity.

Raffaele eventually drew Shatter for the Golem. The German pounded relentlessly, casting Raise the Alarm and dropping the Italian to eleven. Lo Moro drew and played a useless equipment and took a final hit.

Peer 1-0 Raffaele.

Game 2

The Italian played Viridian Longbow, Talisman, and Auriok Transfixer before Kroger could even blink. The smiling German had Bolt for the Transfixer but had no answer to the next, much problematic threat - Glissa Sunseeker.

Peer: "That's very good."
Raffaele: "Yes..."

Kroger's Myr died and he replaced it with a somewhat inadequate Spikeshot Goblin. An Arrest made sure Spikey couldn't block anyone and Lo Moro pressed on. On the next turn he added Dragon Blood. The German quickly Shattered that particular problem away.

Hematite Golem

Still he knew he needed to handle Glissa as soon as possible. He found just the right answer - Arrest. The table was still not stable but he now had a much easier time maneuvering. Altar's Light got rid of Lo Moro's other creature - Wizard Replica - and Peer finally dropped some creatures.

Yotian Soldier and Krark-Clan Grunt might not sound like a lot but when you just came out of a Glissa-enduced jam you don't really complain. Slowly the Italian's mood got darker. He knew the game was slipping ever so slowly away. His bomb rare had given him an initial edge but he now needed an extra push.

He found another Myr to drop his two Longbows in as Kroger added Hematite Golem to the mix. On the next turn he pushed everyone into the Red Zone. Lo Moro waited for him to pump the Golem and Shattered it away.

The German shrugged and dropped a second one. This time the Myr had to chump. Lo Moro conceded.

Peer 2-0 Raffaele.

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