Round 6 Feature Match: Andrew Roysten (Street Toys) vs. Aaron Lewis (Crossroad Games)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

After a mulligan, Roysten declared himself a Sligh player after attacking with Raging Goblin on turn one, then casting Goblin Sledder and Reckless Charge on turn 2. Bad times for Lewis, whose first two turn plays were Krosan Verges followed up with a turn three Flooded Strand. With Roysten having summoned Goblin Piledriver, Lewis needed to Wrath or Fog next turn – or lose the game.

Lewis did have a Wrath of God and he cleared the board. Roysten was not out of gas however. He summoned a Raging Goblin and Grim Lavamancer. On the next turn, Lewis tapped out to cast Exalted Angel – just about the worst card Sligh would want to see. Had Roysten drawn a third land he could easily deal with it via Volcanic Hammer and Lavamancer’s ability – but he was stuck on two Mountains and could do no better than play a Piledriver. After the next attack step, Lewis hardcast Renewed Faith and then attacked back with his Angel, going up to nineteen life. He also kept casting Deep Analysis to find yet more answers. Moment’s Peace prevented the damage Roysten would have dealt on the following turn. Lewis cast Wake and the game was basically over. Roysten’s deck mocked him as he finally drew a land that turn – too late to remove an Angel which now sported six toughness. Roysten countered a Threaten and the first game was over.


Roysten: -2 Threaten, +2 Boil
Lewis: +2 Chastise, +2 Faithful, +1 Moment’s Peace, +1 Exalted Angel, -3 Counterspell, -1 Deep Analysis, -1 Compulsion, -1 Mirari

Game 2

Roysten made an extremely questionable play of keeping a hand with no one-drops. Best he could do was Shock his opponent at the end of turn, then untap and summon a Piledriver. He hoped for four points of damage next turn as he summoned a Raging Gonlin, but Moment’s Peace thwarted that plan. On the following turn Lewis took four damage in order to activate his Krosan Verge.

Lewis had an Angel in his hand but could not play his Angel because the sixth land he had was a Lonely Sandbar. Seeing this, Roysten used his Boil. He used a Reckless Charge to attack with his team, but Lewis did have another Moment’s Peace. Next turn Lewis flashed back the Peace and cast Renewed Faith going to nineteen. He then tapped out to play an Exalted Angel.

Roysten cast Goblin Piledriver and used a Reckless Charge to let it attack. Lewis was forced to block, trading an Angel for a Piledriver that would have dealt ten points of damage otherwise, and losing five life points net. He cast a second Angel. Roysten summoned a Grappler, flashed back a Charge and killed the Angel via provoke, losing two goblins and dealing another four damage in the process. Lewis ripped yet another Angel off the top of his deck.

“You are going to hate me,” he commented as he cast it. Roysten made a last ditch effort to kill the Angel, running a Piledriver into it and casting Lava Dart, then flashing it back. Lewis used the very last card in his hand – Memory Lapse – to save his creature. Roysten was now in bad shape as he was forced to race against an opponent who was gaining four life per turn. To make matters worse, Lewis used Chastise to take out an attacking Blistering Firecat and gained seven more life in the process.

Down to five life, Roysten was finally able to kill an Angel via Volcanic Hammer and Lavamancer. Lewis was safely sitting at twenty six life however. He got a Mirari’s Wake out, then cycled his way into a Teroh’s Faithful. Roysten used a Barbarian Ring and a Lavamancer in an attempt to remove the Faithful, completely forgetting that Mirari’s Wake gives it +1/+1.

A second Wake hit play and Faithful swung for three, bringing him down to two life. Utterly destroyed, Roysten lamented his fate.
“Are you enjoying this?” he asked Lewis. Lewis looked straight in the eye and answered:

After the match, Lewis confided in his opponent that he could have won the game. “After damage is on the stack, you could have sacrificed your goblins to the Sledder. My Angels would have still died, but I would not have gained those eight points of life.

“Oh my God!” proclaimed Roysten and walked away from the table devastated.

Lewis 2 – Roysten 0

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