Round 6 Feature Match: Dave Price (USA) vs. Jon Finkel (USA)

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Mark Wraith

Both of these players were on 4-1 coming into this round, so it was quite likely that they would need to win all their remaining games to make the second day. Dave had a black/red/green deck, and Jon had a white/red/green deck.

Dave starts in game one but had to mulligan a hand which was light on land. Both players now had draws that were very heavy in land. Jon played a turn two Benalish Trapper, while Dave had a turn three Hunting Kavu which met with a Scorching Lava. The Benalish Trapper attacked for two until turn six, when Jon summoned a Callous Giant. The Callous Giant didn't stick around for long however, as when it attacked, Dave was ready with the Hunting Kavu. He opted not to use it's ability, instead giving it an Explosive Growth and blocking, figuring that he would like to keep a creature on the table. Dave attacked with the Kavu for a few turns, until Jon used a Fires of Yavimaya to allow his Quirion Elves to block it, as they were his only creature. Next turn Jon made the Elves even more impressive, with an Armadillo Cloak, although they only got in one attack before Dave killed them with an Exotic Curse. Perhaps Jon should have waited for a slightly larger creature before using his cloak. Now Dave started to go on the offensive, with a Verduran Emissary and a Serpentine Kavu over the next three turns. Jon continued to draw lands, and the situation became critical when Dave drew his Meteor Storm. He used this card to take out all of Jon's large blockers, allowing the Serpentine Kavu to cruise home unhindered for the win. Jon's opening hand in this game had been six lands and a Zap, and he drew quite a few lands over the course of the game as well, which meant he never quite had the answers for Dave's threats.

Game two, Jon chooses to draw, which is something that a lot of players like to do in this environment. Jon brought out a Verduran Emissary and a Kavu Aggressor on turns three and four, while Dave played a turn four Crypt Angel with the help of a Fertile Ground. He opted not to block when Jon attacked, obviously because he was worried about things like Explosive Growth, or even worse, Aggressive Urge. On Jon's sixth turn, Dave did decide to block the Emissary with his Crypt Angel, and cast Scorching Lava on the Kavu Aggressor. Jon had a Zap to allow his Emissary to trade with the Crypt Angel, and after the board cleared he played a Noble Panther. Dave hadn't quite finished with his Crypt Angel, using a Recover to bring it back to his hand. The hit that he takes from the Panther brings him down to 15, and after a little thought, he does not immediately cast the Angel, going for a Meteor Storm instead and taking another three damage from the Panther. Dave also had out a Quirion Elf, and Jon's life total looked a little unsafe when his Kavu Climber got Agonizing Demised, bringing him down to 6. However Dave did get control, as his Meteor Storm dealt with Jon's board and the Crypt Angel was finally recast. As with the rest of the match, Jon had difficulty in drawing something that wasn't a land - not much use when a Crypt Angel is attacking you. Dave had an Agonizing Demise ready for a Kavu Chameleon that Jon summoned, but with a Meteor Storm on the board, it probably wouldn't have been too hard for him to deal with anyway. Without any way of blocking the Angel, Jon was forced to concede to it - along with an incidental Pincer Spider, after three turns of attacks from Dave.

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