Round 6 Feature Match: Diego Ostrovich vs. Hugo Araixa

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

by Alejandro Ernesto Raggio

The match between Diego "La Ostra" Ostrovich and Hugo "Ocho" "Baraka" Araixa was very short. Ostrovich is one of the Top Argentinian players; he was on the 2000 Argentina National Team and is in the top of the national constructed ranking with more than 1950 points - which also put him at the top of the Latin American Cnstructed Ranking. Araixa is a great player from Mexico who has been on the 1998 and 2000 National Teams. They both were playing with almost identical decks, a very fast combo deck, the PandeBurst.

The first game started with Ostrovich and Araixa keeping their starting hands. Ostrovich played first. Both started to play lands, a couple of their search cards - then Araixa played an Ancient Tomb. This card was the one who won the game.Araixa played Intuition, and Ostrovich sent a Pandemonium to Araixa's hand and 2 Saproling Burst to the graveyard.Araixa played 2 Frantic Search he sent a Pandemonium to his graveyard, then he played a Duress to assure his combo. He taked out a Intuition (Ostrovich had no counters in his hand), so he played Replenish, in response Ostrovich tried to save the day with a Frantic Search, but he had bad luck. Replenish resolved bringing a Pandemonium and two Saproling Burst.
Game one for Araixa.

They sideboarded about four cards each.

Second Game:
Ostrovich played first again. They spent several turns playing only lands. Ostrovich started playing spells with an Intuition, but Araixa had a Pyroblast (one of the sideboarded cards). A few turns after that Araixa played a Frantic Search, putting a Pandemonium into his graveyard. Then, two turns later, Ostrovich also played a Frantic Search and he discarded a Pandemonium into his graveyard. Ostrovich then tried to play an Intuition and Araixa had a Pyroblast again. Ostrovich searched an Intuition with a Merchant Scroll. Araixa played an Intuition at the end of Ostrovich's turn, Ostrovich played his Intuition in response. The Ostrovich's Intuition resolved and he took 3 Saproling Burst (one to his hand, the other two to his graveyard). Then Araixa's Intuition resolved and he took 3 Duress (one to his and, the other two to his graveyard). Araixa played Duress discarding the only Saproling Burst that Ostrovich had in his hand. They passed 3 turns without playing anything. Araixa then played a Frantic Search discarding a Saproling Burst. At the end of Ostrovich's turn, Araixa played an Intuition and he took 3 Replenish (one to his hand, the other two to his graveyard). During his turn, he played the Replenish. Ostrovich tried a desperate trick to save himself by playing a Force Spike (Araixa had two untapped lands), Araixa payed the mana, Ostrovich played another Force Spike and Araixa payed the mana again. The Replenish resolved; a Pandemonium and a Saproling Burst came into play. Match for Araixa. It was a short and not too complicated match. Both players showed their skill and played very well.

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