Round 6 Feature Match: Jerry Freedman (Savage Games, Salem, MA) vs. Jake Elder (Savage Games, Salem, MA)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

Freedman made top 32 in Grand Prix Boston, while Elder finished ninth in the recent JSS tournament in Florida.

Game 1

This would prove to be an interesting grudge match between two really good friends, but not until after their deck checks are finished.

Freedman was playing Blue Green madness, meanwhile Elder was running a Psychatog deck. Freedman quickly got two Careful Studies, but no creatures just yet, his first creature attempt was a Merfolk Looter which did not resolve because of a Counterspell. Elder followed up the counter with a Tog.

Freedman tried to force through a Phantom Centaur, but it got a Circular Logic response, and Freedman’s second Merfolk Looter died to a Ghastly Demise, Elder continued to put more pressure on Freedman by casting a Compulsion. Freedman responded with an Arrogant Wurm. Elder did not relent and continued to be aggressive with his Tog, killing the Wurm and getting Freedman down to 11 life points.

A second Arrogant Wurm tried to stop the Psychatog, and suffered the same fate as his predecessor and Freedman decided to call it quits, and go straight to game 2.

Freedman 0 – Elder 1


Elder +3 Ghastly Demise + 1 Unsummon + 2 Persuasion + Psychatog, - 4 Shadowmage Infiltrator – 1 Deep Analysis –1 Upheaval –1 Cunning Wish.

Freedman –2 Wonder –3 Roar of the Wurm – 1 Quiet Speculation –1 Basking Rootwalla – 1 Carefull Study, + 2 Stupefying Touch + 2 Counterspells +1 Merfolk Looter +1 Gigapede +1 Deep Analysis + 1 Upheaval.

Game 2

Freedman mulliganed, drawing 6 and kept, dropping a Looter turn 2. Elder responded by dropping a Polluted Delta, looking for a swamp and Ghastly Demising the Looter. Elder dropped a Tog on turn 3 and passed. Freedman cast a Stupefying Touch on the Psychatog and Deep Analysis himself the turn after Elder Concentrated. Elder had an answer to the Touch, he Unsummoned his Tog, and passes.

Freedman had seen enough. He played two Wild Mongrels, one of which immediately suffered the fate of a Smother. Elder continued to pound away with the Tog bringing Freedman’s life total to 12. Elder tried to be aggressive and Upheavaled, Freedman Circular Logiced it, and dropped a Phantom Centaur on his turn. Freedman Countspelled the second Psychatog and pushed the Mongrel and the Centaur for the win. Let’s go to game 3.

Elder 1 – Freedman 1

Freedman liked what Stupefying Touch did in Game 2 and decided to trade in one more instead of Wonder, hoping to stop the Tog in its tracks.

Game 3

This here is for all the marbles. Freedman’s side had a Rootwalla and a Looter on it, and turned Elder scrambling for answers. Ghastly Demise took care of the Merfolk Looter again, and an Aquameba got countered the turn after. After Concentrating and dropping a Tog, Elder looked in control again.

Gigapede did not resolve because of a Circular Logic, and a second Ghastly Demise killed the Rootwalla. Freedman’s Arrogant Wurm was Persuaded to join the opposite team, and things looked really bad for him, but he top decked an Upheaval and reset the game. Freedman’s side briefly saw Wild Mongrel as a part of his team before it got sent back to his hand with Unsummon. Freedman avoided disaster by Circular Logicing Elder’s Psycatog.

Freedman brought the beef, dropping an Arrogant Wurm and a Basking Rootwalla and swung next turn to bring Elder to 3 life. All Elder could do was play Compulsion, but unfortunately that was too little too late. Freedman takes it in a really tight one.

Freedman 2 – Elder 1

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