Round 6 Feature Match: Robert Dougherty vs. William Jensen

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By Wizards of the Coast

by Becky Hiebert

Both Robert Dougherty, of Team Your Move Games and William "Baby Huey" Jensen (Massachusetts State Champion) are both Pro Tour regulars, and went into this round with a 4-1 record. Baby Huey often shows up to Your Move Games (the store) to play test or play in tournaments, so these competitors aren't unfamiliar with one another and their respective play styles.

Rob drafted up a Green-Red-Black deck, heavy with Kavu, Agonizing Demises, and a few green tricks like Aggressive Urge. Huey, on the other hand, drafted Blue-Black-White for Tappers, Reapers and a Yawgmoth's Agenda.

Huey won the coin flip and decided to play first. Nothing happened until turn three, when Huey played Metathran Transport. After this, it seemed like Phyrexian Reapers were getting cast left and right. Huey used tricks like Recover to retrieve his dead one (blocking Rob's Rooting Kavu), then after Huey loses his Reaper again to an attacking Reaper on Rob's side, he cast Agenda, then re-cast Reaper yet again. Huey could not keep up with Rob's humongous creatures (such as Kavu Chameleon), and soon Rob cast Savage Offensive with kicker for the kill.

Huey opted to play again, and he played the first non-land permanent turn two: Vodalian Zombie, which has Protection from Green. Rob didn't have any plays, so passes the turn to Huey, and he answered with an attack and a Tidal Visionary. Rob finally put out a Kavu Aggressor, and the following turn he Cursed Fleshed the Visionary, and Exotic Cursed the Zombie. In this game, Rob cast three Kavu Aggressors, one with kicker. Baby Huey tried to keep up with his own tricks, including Spinal Embrace, but Rob avoided the loss of his two creatures by Backlashing the Climber that Huey Embraced. Huey searched for another answer with a Probe with kicker, coming up with a Shoreline Raider, but Rob top decked an Agonizing Demise and kicked it at the Raider, then attacked for the win.

Final Result: Robert Dougherty - 2, William Jensen - 0

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