Round 6 Feature Match: Trey Van Cleave vs. Ryan Fuller

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By Mark Wraith

Game 1

Both players were reasonably satisfied with their opening draws, and unusually for this format they, both had a first turn play, Ryan's Stormscape Apprentice getting Singed. Trey played a Slingshot Goblin on his third turn, which looked good as Ryan had only Islands in play.

Ryan played a Benalish Lancer, but Trey cast Sinister Strength on his Goblin and attacked for five. Ryan had nothing to do on his fourth turn, and went down to 10. Ryan had a Hunting Drake, but of course Sinister Strength makes the Goblin black, so it's ability would be no use.

Instead Ryan decided to cast Faerie Squadron to trade with the 5/3 Goblin, but Trey had an Exclude, and then a Pouncing Kavu to bring Ryan to two life. With the Assault in his hand, this was enough to end a particularly brutal first game in Trey's favor.

Game 2

With no land in his opening draw, Trey was forced to take a mulligan, and his six-card hand was also less than satisfactory - 2 Swamps, Sinister Strength, and three cards that he couldn't play.

After Ryan played a Nightscape Familiar, Trey played a Maggot Carrier he had just drawn. On his next turn he enchanted the Maggot Carrier with a Sinister Strength, and cast Assault on the Familiar. Ryan didn't seem particularly fazed, as he used Rushing River to return the Maggot Carrier to Van Cleave's hand. The Dream Thrush started to attack, as Ryan's Sparring Golem was big enough to hold off the Maggot Carrier.

Trey added a Rogue Kavu to play, which traded immediately with the Sparring Golem. Without an Island in play, Trey couldn't play most of the spells in his hand, and was forced to look on as Ryan played a Lashknife Barrier and an Aurora Griffin. When Trey found a creature of a reasonable size - Trench Wurm, Fuller returned it to his hand with Urborg Emissary, and attacked once more.

Van Cleave replayed it on his next turn, but Ryan used Aurora Griffin's ability on it to turn it white, and Annihilated it. Trey still did not have an Island, and since he could not make the necessary three blockers to stay alive, the players moved onto the third game.

Game 3

Trey went first, explaining that "With Maggot Carrier in your deck, you have to go first". He did have a first turn play, but not Maggot Carrier, instead a Thunderscape Apprentice. Ryan also had an Apprentice - Stormscape. Since Trey did not have a Swamp in his hand, he decided to cast Stun on the Stormscape Apprentice, and did indeed draw a Swamp off it.

Neither player attacked, holding back instead to use the black mana ability of their Apprentices. Ryan played a Lashknife Barrier, and now the players traded attacks with the Apprentices.

Despite Ryan obviously being worried about the Exclude which he had seen Trey cast in the first game, Trey played a Mire Kavu on his fourth turn. Ryan had a white mana in play which he could tap down the Kavu with, but such thoughts were far from his mind.

Instead he played a Doomsday Specter, hoping to stabilize by destroying Trey's hand one at a time. Van Cleave's attack brought Ryan to thirteen, and the Apprentice's ability reduced him to twelve, as Trey wanted to play a Crosis' Catacombs.

The Doomsday Specter revealed a hand with Assault/Battery, and Backlash. Ryan took the Assault as he wanted to play Stormscape Apprentice, and Galina's Knight. Trey activated the Scorn to try and kill the Galina's Knight, but Ryan had only a Faerie Squadron and three lands, so it was impossible - although of course Trey didn't know this.

Ryan attacked again with the Doomsday Specter and this time he stripped the Backlash away as well. Fuller then followed it up with a Faerie Squadron with kicker. Ryan had nothing left in his hand except land now, so the Planeswalker's Scorn was absolutely useless, and Trey didn't have a way of dealing with the Specter.

Since he didn't know this, he had another attempt at activating the Scorn, and targeting the Specter. Of course, it didn't become any smaller. Ryan now attacked to bring Trey down to six as the Maggot Carrier chump blocked the Galina's Knight, and Trey drew, then conceded as he had no way to block the flyers.

Final Result:Ryan Fuller defeats Trey Van Cleave 2 - 1

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