Round 6: Jon Finkel vs. Tsuyoshi Fujita

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

Finkel - Sylvan Library
Fujita - Tundra

Taking a mulligan did not prevent Fujita from getting an excellent draw. He opened with Black Lotus, sacrificed it for black mana, cast Sol Ring and summoned a Phyrexian Scuta with kicker. Finkel Mana Drained a Fellwar Stone, and cast Contract from Below on his turn. He then used the mana generated by Mana Drain to cast a main phase Fact or Fiction, picking up Time Walk and a pair of lands.

Fujita was far behind on the cards. He considered carefully his next move. As Finkel had only one Volcanic Island untapped, he decided to go for it, casting Hatred and paying fifteen life in order to deal enough damage to win despite Finkel's Zuran Orb being in play. Finkel responded by sending a Lightning Bolt at his opponent. Down to two life points from paying for Hatred, Fujita died to the Bolt resolving first, Finkel's control deck pulling out a turn 3 kill it was never designed to manage.

Game 2

Finkel - Sarcomancy
Fujita - Powder Keg

The second game did not involve the kind of an insane start we saw previously. Still, Fujita was on a solid offensive playing a turn 2 Dauthi Slayer followed by a turn 3 Hypnotic Specter. Finkel did not have a way to deal with the Specter that turn, but he did get three extra cards out of Fact or Fiction before discarding one at random to the Specter. Still, he lost the one card he really wanted to keep - a Treachery.

Fujita summoned a Frenetic Efreet, putting even more pressure on last year's Invitational winner. Finkel played his fifth land and summoned a Masticore. Although Fujita was holding a Hull Breach, he found an even better answer to it. During his upkeep, he cast Vampiric Tutor to find Armageddon and destroyed all lands. Fujita was now left with three creatures in play while Finkel had nothing. On his turn, Finkel played a Bayou and announced a Contract from below. He then decided that it was better for him to concede in response than to add another rare to the ante pile in a game he had less than a single percentile chance of winning anyway.

Game 3

Finkel - Stroke of Genius
Fujita - City of Traitors

Since Fujita could not catch up to the value of ante won by Finkel, third game was only played out for fun, the win going to Finkel.

Final Result: Finkel $13 (Tundra) - Fujita $4 (Powder Keg)

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