Round 6: Louis Boileau vs. Duncan McGregor

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By Toby Wachter

Louis Boileau vs. Duncan McGregor

Game 1

Louis won the die roll, and chose to go first. Duncan had to mulligan his opening hand. Fires of Yavimaya showed up on Louis' side on turn three, while Duncan played Disciple of Kangee. Louis summoned Bobcat, and attacked for two damage. However, he did miss his fourth land drop. The Disciple attacked for two, and was joined by a second Disciple. Duncan missed his fourth land drop as well. Louis played Kavu Aggressor, and attacked with both his creatures. The Disciple blocked the Aggressor, and Louis sacrificed the Fires to keep his creature alive. Duncan took his turn, and made his fourth land drop. He played Hobble on the Aggressor, and attacked for two with the Disciple.

The Bobcat continued to attack, and Louis made his fourth land drop. Shackles was used to keep down the Bobcat, which left Louis with two crippled creatures. He used Tribal Flames to kill off the Disciple, and Duncan answered back with Aurora Griffin. Louis now drew into a second mountain, and played Skizzik with kicker to deal five damage to Duncan. The Griffin attacked back through the air, and Silver Drake was played, bouncing back the Griffin. The Skizzik attacked and traded with the Silver Drake, but not before dealing two points of trample damage. Louis then played Lay of the Land to get a swamp. It was played immediately, and Duskwalker was cast with kicker.

Duncan now saw his first mountain of the game, and used Tribal Flames to kill off the Duskwalker before replaying the Aurora Griffin. Louis now played a key spell, using Urborg Uprising to bring back Skizzik and Duskwalker, and drawing a card to boot. The Griffin attacked, bringing Louis down to ten life, and Duncan played Wayfaring Giant, which would hold off any potential Skizzik attacks. Louis played Skizzik without kicker, and it was blocked by the Giant. Louis used the Giant Growth effect on Darigaaz's Charm to make Skizzik bigger, which allowed it to kill off the Giant and trample over for two.

Duncan McGregor

Duncan now played Allied Strategies, which allowed him to draw three cards. Louis summoned Duskwalker with kicker, and it was countered with Prohibit. The Griffin continued its attack, and the clock was ticking, as Louis went down to six life. Duncan then emptied out most of his hand, summoning Razorfin Hunted and a pair of Ceta Disciples, commenting "Please don't play a Bloodfire Dwarf." Meanwhile, Louis played a Stone Kavu. It attacked on the following turn, and was chump blocked by Ceta Disciple. The Hunter dealt a damage on end step, and Louis conceded, realizing he would lose on Duncan's next turn.

Boileau- 0 McGregor- 1

Game 2

Duncan mulliganed his opening hand for the second time. Louis started off with Lay of the Land, which fetched a mountain. Play started off slow, and the first creature played was Phyrexian Slayer on Louis' side of the table. Duncan answered back with Glimmering Angel. The Slayer attacked in the air for two points of damage, and was joined by a Thunderscape Battlemage with black kicker. This caused Duncan to discard Prohibit and Rith's Grove. Glimmering Angel attacked back, and Minotaur Illusionist was played by Duncan, which left him tapped out. Louis used the opportunity to Terminate the Illusionist, and destroy the Angel with Tribal Flames.

Duncan used a Tribal Flames of his own to kill off the Slayer, but Louis wasn't out of gas. He summoned a second Thunderscape Battlemage with black kicker, forcing Duncan to lose his hand of Suffocating Blast and a land. If Duncan had a second island to play the Blast, it would have helped him to get out of the bad position he was in. Duncan traded off his creatures for the Battlemages to eliminated them, but Louis had a Duskwalker waiting to finish the job.

Boileau- 1 McGregor- 1

While shuffling, Duncan mentioned, "Mulligan, Thunderscape Battlemage, Thunderscape Battlemage . . . that's not good for me."

Game 3

Louis Boileau

Duncan went first, and did not mulligan his opening hand this time. He used Worldly Council for two on Louis' end step, and a Bobcat was summoned by Louis on the following turn. Duncan answered back with Power Armor, and an Aurora Griffin on the next turn. Ceta Disciple followed, and was bounced by Silver Drake. Plague Spores was then used by Louis to take out the Drake and an island, clearing the way for an attack. The Griffin attacked back, and was joined by Disciple of Kangee and Ceta Disciple.

Louis now untapped, and use Magma Burst to take out the two bigger creatures on Duncan's side, leaving him with only a Ceta Disciple. Duncan was definitely at a loss for options this point, as he was stuck at four lands, and did not have any red sources. He went down to a dangerously low life total, and Duskwalker finished the job along with some help from the rest of Louis' army.

Final Result: Boileau- 2 McGregor- 1

Louis Boileau

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Duncan McGregor

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