Round 6: Marco Blume vs. Satoshi Nakamura

Posted in Event Coverage on May 9, 2003

By Toby Wachter

The Feature Matches with Japanese players have been very popular with the spectators today, and this one is no exception. Satoshi Nakamura is one of the best-known Japanese players, for his play skill and his wide assortment of funky hats. The crowd was silently cheering him on against Marco Blume, Germany's two-time Pro Tour champion.

Game 1

Blume had a two-drop in Skirk Drill Sergeant, while Nakamura summoned Sparksmith. Blume charged straight ahead, attacking for two and playing Goblin Taskmaster. Sparksmith shot down the Sergeant, and Nakamura played Goblin Sledder. It blocked and traded with the Taskmaster, leaving Sparksmith as the lone Goblin. It seemed that Ascending Aven might be safe, but Nakamura had Skirk Outrider, and shot down the flyer. Keeneye Aven would be able to survive, however, as would Warped Researcher. Glowering Rogon came out as merely a 4/4, but it did make the Outrider big enough to get through for damage. The Aven attacked through the sky for two damage, and was joined by Mistform Stalker.

The Outrider and Rogon attacked- Warped Researcher and Mistform Stalker ganged up on the beast. Sparksmith shot the Stalker, and the Researcher died. Goblin Clearcutter gave Nakamura even more of an advantage on the board, as he had plenty of big creatures while Blume had only Keeneye Aven. A turn later, Blume conceded.

Blume- 0 Nakamura- 1

Game 2

Blume started with a Taskmaster, which Nakamura matched with Patron of the Wild- a trade occurred immediately. Sparksmith came out once again, but this time Blume was ready with Erratic Explosion to deal with it. Both players summoned morph creatures, and Nakamura's was enchanted with Crown of Fury and attacked for three damage. Blume's attacked and flipped over to reveal Skirk Commando, killing Nakamura's morph, which happened to be Skirk Commando as well.

Blume's Commando traded with Nakamura's morph creature on the next attack (Patron of the Wild), and Screaming Seahawk put the German ahead. Nakamura cycled Krosan Tusker, Blume attacked with the Seahawk, and followed up with a morph creature along with a Sparksmith of his own.

Treespring Lorian gave Nakamura a lone, fat creature on the ground, but Blume had his air assault at full power. The Seahawk attacked once again, and was joined by Mistform Stalker and Ascending Aven. Snarling Undorak made Nakamura's pressure on the ground better, and Erratic Explosion slowed down the beats by killing Ascending Aven. Blume's team attacked and the Undorak blocked the Stalker, which became a Goblin to power the Sparksmith enough to force a trade. The Lorian attacked back for five, and Skirk Outrider came out to hold down defense. Blume attacked with all his creatures, and the Outrider blocked a morph creature. After damage went on the stack, it flipped up to reveal Echo Tracer, which bounced back the beast and caused the Outrider to die. Keeneye Aven added to Blume's already impressive board. Nakamura had nothing but lands out, and it was on to Game 3.

Blume- 1 Nakamura- 1

Game 3

Nakamura started off with a Sledder, and Blume played a Drill Sergeant. A trade occurred when Nakamura attacked, and his morph (Serpentine Basilisk) died to Chain of Plasma. Nakamura played an Outrider on turn four, while Blume missed his fourth land drop (and had only mountains), and simply played a morph creature. Shaleskin Plower hit the board face up to make the Outrider 4/4, and it attacked for damage.

Blume finally drew a fourth land and a blue source, but was disappointed since it was a Lonely Sandbar. His morph (Ascending Aven) traded with Shaleskin Plower, while Nakamura had a 4/4 Rogon to keep his Outrider big and swinging. Erratic Explosion killed Blume's morph (Mistform Seaswift), clearing the way for an attack. Facing an impossible board position to recover from, Blume conceded.

Final Result: Blume- 1 Nakamura- 2

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