Round 6: Osyp Lebedowicz vs. Jason Jennings

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By Toby Wachter

Osyp Lebedowicz

Team Togit could have drawn in this round, but were paired down against Team We Changed Our Names. It was likely that a win would be required to make Top 4.

Game 1

Osyp started off with a second turn Ravenous Rats, causing Jason to discard a forest. Worldly Council was played on end step, and Jason then played a second island, sitting back on two blue sources and a forest. Osyp cast Phyrexian Arena, which was countered with Evasive Action. Voice of All was summoned on the following turn and resolved, naming blue. Jason then untapped and played Harrow, leaving him just a mountain short of the full Domain. The Angel and Rat went into the Red Zone, and were joined by a Spectral Lynx. Jason then tried to slow down Osyp's attack with Collective Restraint, but it was destroyed with Vindicate.

The next turn was very unfair, as Jason played Global Ruin. This only caused him to lose one land, while Osyp lost all of his land except for one. He followed this up with Restraint, which would have locked the ground, but Osyp peeled a third land to play the Vindicate in his hand. He attacked for the win.

Lebedowicz- 1 Jennings- 0

Game 2

Jason Jennings

Jason played first, and mulliganed his opening hand. By turn three he had out plains, forest and island, all without the help of mana fixers. He then played a Harrow on Osyp's end step, giving him one of each basic land type except mountain. This was followed up with Collective Restraint. Osyp played Addle on blue, allowing him to force Jason to discard another Restraint- it also gave him the knowledge that Jason was holding Obliterate and Pernicious Deed. The next turn saw Osyp play Pernicious Deed, which resolved. This was followed up with Spectral Lynx.

Osyp now paid four mana, and attacked with the Lynx. An Addle was played on the following turn, naming green, This forced Jason to lose a Deed, and revealed Evasive Action and Obliterate. Osyp played his sideboard tech when he cast Mask of Intolerance, which resolved. This added quite a bit to the clock on Jason. He needed to find an answer soon, which meant getting two red sources, which would allow him to cast Obliterate.
The end of Osyp's turn saw Jason Harrow for mountain and an island. Osyp responded by sacrificing his Deed for one, which eliminated Jason's Chromatic Sphere. This was a key play, because the Sphere would have given Jason the second red mana he needed to play Obliterate. The Lynx was destroyed with Malice, but Jason still had to deal with the Mask on the board. The answer was finally found in Pernicious Deed, but it left Jason at four. A Death Grasp finished the game up.

Final Result: Lebedowicz- 2 Jennings- 0

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