Round 6: Rich Douglas vs. Seth Wilson

Posted in Event Coverage on June 12, 2002

By Alex Shvartsman

Llanowar Elves
The matchup is certainly in Douglas's favor, and he knows it. Douglas is playing a Psychatog variant similar to that used by Kai Budde to win German Nationals. Wilson is playing a red-green beatdown deck. The winner of this match will be advancing into the Top 8, while the loser is certainly out.

Game 1

Wilson had to take a mulligan, and started out with a very slow draw, summoning nothing but a pair of Llanowar Elves over the first three turns. Douglas cast a turn four Familiar and used Force Spike to counter Fire.

Flametongue Kavu finished the Familiar off, but Douglas upgraded it to a Psychatog. He chose to let Flametongue through, blocking one of the two Elves instead, and going down to eleven life points. He summoned another Familiar on his turn, and Wilson cast another Fire at the end of turn. Rather than regenerate it, Douglas cast Fact or Fiction, leaving one blue mana untapped. Wilson was forced to give him four good cards in order to prevent him from picking Circular Logic. Wilson double Firebolted his opponent, causing him to use Circular Logic (Douglas already had one in hand) to counter it. At seven life points, and facing only a Llanowar Elf, Douglas felt pretty safe. He cast Fact or Fiction main phase, discarded his entire hand and removed all his cards from the graveyard to deal thirteen points of damage, Wilson's exact life total. Wilson took a lot of damage from pain lands and Barbarian Ring, which allowed Douglas to win the game a few turns sooner.

Game 2

Nightscape Familiar
Wilson drew one of the best creatures for the matchup – a Yavimaya Barbarian, but Douglas was ready for him, using Force Spike to counter the nasty critter. Douglas summoned a Nightscape Familiar, and Wilson resolved Call of the Herd. Douglas cast Psychatog, and used Circular Logic to counter a Flametongue Kavu.

Douglas went on the offensive uncharacteristically early for the matchup, after he used Repulse to deal with an Elephant token. Firebolt took out the Familiar, and Wilson recast Call of the Herd out of the graveyard, but Douglas cast a second Familiar and used his Psychatog to take out the Elephant, removing all four cards from his graveyard. Wilson cast Fire targeting both of his opponent's creatures, and had it Memory Lapsed. He then played another land and tapped out to play the last card in his hand – Flametongue Kavu. Douglas slammed yet another Force Spike onto the table, also emptying his hand.

Douglas got a couple of attack steps in before Wilson drew and cast Kavu Titan with kicker. Douglas topdecked Ghastly Demise, but had only two cards in his graveyard because of the Psychatogs. Douglas blocked with Familiar, taking four points of trample damage, and cast a third Psychatog during his turn!

Ghastly Demise
The game was stalled for several turns – which certainly worked in Douglas' advantage. Every card he drew added to the power of the 'Togs and to the potential of Ghastly Demise in his hand. Wilson summoned a Wild Mongrel. Douglas drew and cast Duress. Wilson responded by casting Fire to deal two damage to his opponent, and showed two lands.

Despite being firmly in control of the table, Douglas was actually in danger. Between a pair of Barbarian Rings and a Firebolt in the graveyard, Wilson could have him down to three life points. Surely enough, Wilson recast the Firebolt, bringing his opponent down to seven. Douglas had to play very aggressively. He discarded a pair of lands to pump up a 'Tog and get five cards into the graveyard, then cast Ghastly Demise on the Titan and attacked with a pair Psychatogs.

Wilson desperately needed to draw a Rage to win. His opponent cast his fourth Psychatog. Douglas kept building up his forces until he had enough damage to overcome the two Barbarian Rings and win in one attack. He eventually attacked, countered Wilson's Tangle and removed the rest of his graveyard from the game fore the win.

Final Result: Douglas 2 – Wilson 0

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