Round 6: Sylvain Lauriol vs. Jordan Berkowitz

Posted in Event Coverage on August 6, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Jordan Berkowitz may very well be the breakout star of this past Pro Tour season. He made it to the Semifinals of Pro Tour Venice, and then came one match short of making the United States National Team. With a 5-0 record to start Worlds, Berkowitz seems to be well on his way to further cementing his reputation. Sylvain Lauriol has had his share of success as well, with a Top 8 performance at Pro Tour Osaka. Berkowitz is running a straight-up Goblin deck, while Lauriol has black for Patriarch's Bidding and blue for Read the Runes.

Game 1

Goblin Sledder
Both players opened with Goblin Sledder. Berkowitz used Firebolt to kill Lauriol's, and attacked for a point of damage. Lauriol cycled Gempalm Incinerator to kill the Sledder, and Berkowitz played Goblin Piledriver. Lauriol summoned Goblin Sharpshooter, and it died to Volcanic Hammer. Lauriol came back with a Sledder and Piledriver, and Berkowitz played Goblin Goon and ended his turn- for the time being, it wasn't helpful since both players had two creatures in play. Lauriol had already searched up a swamp with Bloodstained Mire, and then fetched an island with Polluted Delta.

Berkowitz- "What's going on over there? Limited is tomorrow."

Lauriol untapped, played a Siege-Gang Commander, and attacked with his team. Berkowitz drew, and thought for a bit before conceding.

Lauriol- 1 Berkowitz- 0

Game 2

Berkowitz had a Sledder, and Lauriol played a Prospector, which died to Firebolt. Raging Goblin added to Berkowitz's side, and he attacked for two damage. A cycled Incinerator put Lauriol up a card, while Berkowitz missed his third land drop, and sighed as he lamented his luck. Lauriol's Sharpshooter died to Berkowitz's Incinerator, and a third land was still not in the cards. After some thought, Berkowitz sent two Firebolts right at Lauriol, and was visibly frustrated. Lauriol played a Warchief that died to an Incinerator, and answered back by killing a Sledder with his own Incinerator.

The board then became Lauriol's Piledriver to Berkowitz's Warchief, and Lauriol played a Warchief of his own, attacking for five. He still had two mana left, and used Smother to kill Berkowitz's Warchief. Berkowitz played another Warchief, and attacked for two, bringing Lauriol down to three. With his back seemingly against the wall, Lauriol played a second Piledriver and a Sharpshooter, and attacked for seventeen to take the match.

Final Result: Lauriol- 2 Berkowitz- 0

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