Round 6: Wesh Wesh Crew vs. Object of Affection

Posted in Event Coverage on June 7, 2003

By Craig Jones

As part of Les Plus Class Frenchmen Gabriel Nassif and Amiel Tenenbaum were the surprise finalists the Team Pro Tour in 2001. Since then they've added the surprise winner of Pro Tour San Diego, Farid Meraghni. Up against them is the highly experienced Object of Affection. Anton Jonsson, Jens Thoren and Tomi Walamies have multiple PT top 8 experience between them. They're also part of the powerhouse Scandinavian team Punisher.

A Amiel Tenenbaum vs. Tomi Walamies
B Gabriel Nassif vs. Jens Thoren
C Farid Meraghni vs. Anton Jonsson

Seat A saw Tenenbaum's green-red deck matched against Walamies' black-white deck. The Finn got early beats in with a pair of morphs while Tenenbaum's seemed to be struggling to come together. A Wirewood Elf cropped up on turn 3 and he dropped a face up Undorak the turn after. One of Walamies' morph was a Gravel Slinger and it finished off Tenenbaum's Undorak after it had pumped itself to survive battering through a Smokespew Invoker.

Game 1


Grassland Crusader
Walamies brought out some high toughness white guys: Grassland Crusader and Swooping Talon while Tenenbaum had a bunch of elves including a Wellwisher.

The Talon swooped down and carried off a luckless Stonewood Invoker. A Screeching Buzzard joined the air force.

At the far end of the table Anton Jonsson went 1-0 up.

"I'm sure I misplayed somewhere," Tenenbaum was saying, unable to cast the creatures in his hand because of the Talon.

Walamies flew over and knocked a chunk off the Frenchman's life total.

Tenenbaum dropped a mountain and passed the turn. He got rid of the Crusader with double Solar Blast. This cleared the way to get rid of Walamies' air force with a combination of Commando Raid and Claws of Wirewood.

He didn't have an answer to Walamies' Twisted Abomination and that finally ended the first game.

Walamies 1-0 Tenenbaum


Twisted Abomination
In the middle seat Thoren lost game 1. He quickly recovered and took game 2 as Nassif failed to find a fourth land to unmorph his turn 3 Exalted Angel.

Meraghni had leveled his match also.

Game 2

Tenenbaum failed to have much joy in the second game. He got in some early beats before Walamies again gummed up the ground with the Crusader and Talon. It all started to look a little familiar for Tenenbaum. Again he was sitting back helpless as Walamies' flew over the top, with the threat of being able to pluck any minor threat Tenenbaum might make.

Walamies put him out of his misery and soon afterwards Jonsson won the decider against Meraghni to seal the match for Object of Affection.

Walamies beat Tenenbaum 2-0

Nassif won the third against Thoren but it was scant consolation.

Final Result: Object of Affection beat Wesh Wesh Crew 2-1.

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