Round 7: Alex Shvartsman vs. Ryan Fuller

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Not surprisingly, both of the ringers of GP: Cape Town sat undefeated after day one, their only draw being to each other in the last round of day 1. Their decks after the draft represented drastically different strategies, with Alex sporting a variety of potentially huge threshold green monsters and a pair of Hallowed Healers while Ryan's deck controlled the skies with multiple Mystic Zealots and Aven Fishers. Ryan appeared to have an advantage, since his pair of Second Thoughts were very effective in dealing with Alex's fairly costly monsters.

Game one proceeded as expected with Ryan amassing an army of flyers while Alex summoned some green "fatties". Well, they were pretty big but they had much, much more potential if Alex ever managed to get seven of his cards in the graveyard. It is truly a stretch to call Krosan Beast a monster, but as the story unfolded, it was. Ryan whittled away at Alex's life total, two points at a time, and then four. It seemed like Ryan was comfortably winning the race until Alex swung with his 1/1, 3/3, and 3/4. With a blocker available, it seemed like Ryan would just take four, but Alex had a few effects before damage went on the stack. He pitched cards to his Crashing Centaur until his creatures realized their full potential, and Ryan's life total plummeted to zero from thirteen in the space of one attack step.

Game two left Ryan Fuller with an interesting decision on turn two, whether or not to cast his Thought Eater and discard a card. He eventually decided that starting the beats a turn earlier justified the cards. And the race was on, but Alex didn't actually find the race track until turn five when he summoned a Gorilla Titan declaring "I want a banana this big", referring to the Gorilla's pose on the card. Well, Ryan had a banana or the beast, a Kirtar's Desire, once again leaving Ryan the only one beating, with his Thought Eater and the Escape Artist he had summoned on turn three. Alex Shvartsman had Bears and Tigers and Elephants to attack Ryan with eventually, but the beats started too slowly. Ryan Fuller incessant evasion creatures finished the job before Alex could activate his two Krosan Beasts and really get going.

After the first two games were split, the third one would decide whether Alex's higher-powered ground men could overcome Ryan's almost pure evasion. Alex got off to a slow start, his first play a Springing Tiger, while Ryan set up his defense quickly with an Angelic Wall and a Cephalid Looter. The match ended somewhat anti-climatically when Ryan got a match loss for not obeying a judge's instructions on Day 1. For interested parties, it looked as though Ryan would go on to smash Alex had the match proceeded.

Final Result: Alex Shvartsman, via Match Loss

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