Round 7: Alexander Witt vs. Hugo Machado

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Rui Oliveira

If you have been following our articles, you already know all there is to know about Machado's freakish deck. He has been crushing dreams with it all day long and now faces another 6-0 player. Alexander Witt is one of the seemingly infinite contingent of brilliant Dutch players peopling the Pro Tour circuit.

Game 1

Hugo's Millikin was the first creature to hit the table and it helped pour out a Chainflinger on the third turn (curiously sending another Chainflinger into the graveyard). To stay in theme Machado then dropped another Chainflinger while Witt fought to climb out of mana problems (even blowing a Darkwater Egg just for the cantrip).

By the time he got a Dirty Wererat unto the table Machado already had an active Hallowed Healer to help his offense. A Firebolt and a shot from a Chainflinger got the Wererat out of the way before Alexander could muster mana to regenerate it and the Dutch was again in trouble.

Facing an array of Healer protected creatures Witt was forced to concede in a couple of turns. It was a fast and bloody game marked by Witt's mana problems.

Hugo 1-0 Alexander

Game 2

The game started much like the first with Witt passing the turn and Machado dropping a quick creature (Frightcrawler). Alexander cast Predict on his own deck, missing, to speed up things and played a Wild Mongrel.

The normally amazing bear was quickly taken down by a Patriarch's Desire and replaced with a Krosan Archers. Hugo struggled to get the Archers out of the way having to use Afflict and Flame Burst but the Dutch was in no mood for that kind of nonsense and used a Gravedigger to get it back.

After long deliberation the Portuguese played a Hallowed Healer but Witt had a Ghastly Demise just waiting for it. The Archers came back and attacked along with the Gravedigger before a Scrivener came in to bounce the Ghastly Demise.

Machado dropped an Otarian Juggernaut to stall the ground and Witt didn't even hesitate to use his Demise. Now with the table mostly to himself he used a Sylvan Might to get rid of the Frightcrawler (in what turned out to be an illegal block - due to Threshold - that they only noticed later). With his back against the wall Machado used a Morgue Theft to get the Frightcrawler back and cast it along with Beloved Chaplain.

The Sylvan Might flashbacked to bring Hugo down to two on the next swing (With Witt thinking he had won the game but forgetting that using the Flashback had taken him below Threshold thus minimizing his Werebear). A Flame Burst took out a creature but it was too little too late.

Hugo 1-1 Alexander

Game 3

With a lot of time still on the clock they sideboarded - with Witt changing a lot of cards - and kicked off the decisive game with no mulligans and a free Mentos from Witt (again, thank you Witt).

The first creature to hit the table was a Wererat from Witt matched only by an Otarian Juggernaut. On the following turn the Dutch opened another war front: the skies. He cast the peeking Aven Windreader. It would have been a good plan but after long, and very silent, deliberation Machado burned it down with a Flame Burst.

Witt's next creature was even bigger, Crashing Centaur. And while Hugo couldn't match it for sheer size he dropped a Hallowed Healer to minimize it while he watched his Juggernaut die under a Morbid Hunger. He quickly gained revenge with a Ghastly Demise on the Centaur, or at least he tried to because Witt got it straight back with a Gravedigger.

If the Centaur was about to make his comeback the Chainflinger invasion wasn't so far behind: Hugo already had two of them. Witt Repelled the Healer to gain some momentum and took advantage of its absence to send his creatures in before pulling a trick (or dropping the elbow as you shall soon see).

He dropped a Scrivener recovering the Repel to bounce one of the Chainflinger. The Portuguese got rid of the Wererat with a Patriarch's Desire and a bullet from the remaining Chainflinger before dropping to eight.

The Centaur returned and Hugo seemed to be in trouble. He dropped a Healer and when he tried to Demise the Centaur Witt was ready getting two cards in the graveyard to pass Threshold thus protecting the green monster.

A second Chainflinger could do little for Hugo, now at one, when Alexander Witt sent his whole crew into the Red Zone. Even if Hugo could survive the combat damage the Morbid Hunger sitting in the graveyard was enough to do him in.

Final Result: Alexander 2-1 Hugo

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