Round 7 Blue Results

Posted in Event Coverage on October 23, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
325Imperiale, Jason [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Locke, Matt [USA]
326Antonescu, Christian L [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Kolos, John C [CAN]
327Smithers, Jonathan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Sulla, Aaron M [CAN]
328Wood, Matthew E [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.St-amour, Joel [CAN]
329Marsan, Thomas [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Woods, Conley L [USA]
330Froehlich, Eric [USA]Won 2-1vs.Noworaj, Andrew [CAN]
331Baxter, Jeff [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Hicks, Steven T [CAN]
332Calcano, Christian [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Wells, Brian D [CAN]
333Szelzki, Jeffrey P [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Chen, Danny [USA]
334Williams, David A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Bray, Shawn M [USA]
335Chan, Alvin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Franzini, Giancarlo E [CAN]
336Faraone, Donnie R [USA]Won 2-0vs.Visconti, Tom [CAN]
337Held, Jeffrey R [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Ketita, Nassim [CAN]
338Gannon, Jason [USA]Won 2-1vs.Berlingieri, Anthony [USA]
339Kowal, Brian J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Saito, Tomoharu [CAN]
340Potvin, Guillaumo [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Parker, Brock R [USA]
341Stolze, Philip [USA]Won 2-1vs.Hellinga, Alexander G [USA]
342Plurkowski, Luke [USA]Won 2-1vs.Tomik, Steve M [CAN]
343Anderson, David [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Nelson, Brad J [CAN]
344Quinton, Shayne A [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Gallagher, Eugene [CAN]
345Bonneville, Martin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Fiorilli, Richard [USA]
346O'brien, Andrew [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kuo, Tzu Ching C [CAN]
347Gilbert, Nathan B [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Nakamura, Shuuhei [CAN]
348Bax, Will C [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Le, Khanh Q [CAN]
349Culligan, Michael J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Jurkovic, Stan [USA]
350Gottlieb, Bryan M [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Lee, Benson S [USA]
351Held, Eric J [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Ruan, Kai [USA]
352Howard, David C [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Patterson, Luke [USA]
353Trottier, Charles [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Sartori, Sean E [CAN]
354Dumanski, Lukasz E [USA]Won 2-0vs.Martin, Nick A [USA]
355Wildes, Chris [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Fisher, Chris A [USA]
356Muniz, Jorge J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Pollock, Elijah A [USA]
357Brown, Duncan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Gareau, Philippe [CAN]
358Rietze, Robert J [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Murphy, Ben [CAN]
359Devlin, Matt T [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Ravitz, Joshua P [USA]
360Turtenwald, Owen [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Savoie, Alexandre [CAN]
361Hall, Zack C [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ho, Eugene [USA]
362Lee, Albert [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Price, Pat T [CAN]
363Anderson, Peter [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Rietzl, Paul R [USA]
364Tharmaratnam, Samuel [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Dos Remedios, Aaron K [CAN]
365Baglio, Matthew D [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Kanon, Kyle J [USA]
366Cullum, Travis H [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Sperling, Matt [USA]
367Yanicki, Noah A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Toussaint, Francis [CAN]
368Wauer, Carl A [USA]Drew 1-1-1vs.O'donnell, Brendan A [CAN]
369Suarez, Andres T [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Borst, Karl [CAN]
370Nass, Matthew L [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Hon, Andy [CAN]
371Page, Nick [USA]Won 2-1vs.Smith, Joey J [CAN]
372Sonne, Jonathan E [USA]Won 2-1vs.Mccann, Colin D [USA]
373Cantin, Maxime [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Mcwhaw, Andrew J [USA]
374Wemyss, Ceilyn [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Anisman, Jeffrey L [USA]
375Mantey, Tyler [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Watanabe, Yuuya [CAN]
376Fujino, Mitchell T [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Turchansky, Zak R [USA]
377Lebel, Maxime [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cox, Mike [CAN]
378Avery, Garth [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Duke, Reid [CAN]
379Howden, Jason [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Vardell, Andrew [CAN]
380Tibaut, Mathew [USA]Won 2-1vs.Mackinnon, Paul [USA]
381Doran, Marcus [USA]Won 2-0vs.Smith, Kevin [CAN]
382Sheffield, Randy 'sw [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Van Leeuwen, Andrew C [CAN]
383Simms, Matthew S [USA]Won 2-1vs.Droge, Kurtis [USA]
384Stern, Jon [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pargh, William C [USA]
385Kerr, Stephen [USA]Won 2-0vs.Darby, Scott [CAN]
386Glass, Charles M [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Knox, Dustin R [CAN]
387Kno, Ansai [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Napoli, Christopher J [USA]
388Xie, Huan [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Renton, Stephen [USA]
389Nielsen, William [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ross, Jonathan D [USA]
390Côté, Samuel [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Weymouth, Mark F [USA]
391Le, Vincent [USA]Won 2-1vs.Taylor, Dustin [CAN]
392Martin, Neil [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Doherty, Kevin W [CAN]
393Hulse, Kevin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Canode, Alan R [CAN]
394Cruz, Fernando J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hakakian, Joshua A [CAN]
395Mclaughlin, Morgan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Fagnan, David E [CAN]
396Gauthier, Alain D [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Raska, Mark G [CAN]
397Farfan, Eric [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Greenwood, Michael D [USA]
398Qian, David [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Longo, Tyler E [CAN]
399Walls, Gabe R [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Baboussis, George [CAN]
400Pathirana, Madhushan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Li, Roger [USA]
401De Montigny, Jesse A [USA]Won 2-0vs.Dill, Keegan D [CAN]
402Goodwin, Michael J [USA]Won 2-0vs.Teskey, Donny R [CAN]
403Wells, Venu [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Trebing, Andrew [USA]
404Clarke, Davies [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Massey, Sebastian [CAN]
405Bye, Christopher [USA]Won 2-1vs.Alt, Jason E [CAN]
406Elenbogan, Andrew [USA]Won 2-0vs.Izsak, Yoel [CAN]
407Adair, Zach J [USA]Won 2-1vs.Murphy, Joshua [CAN]
408Hudas, Matthew G [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Woodley, Dan [USA]
409Bates, Josh C [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Dio, Michael V [CAN]
410Elrod, David W [USA]Won 2-1vs.Thibeault, Vincent [CAN]
411Strahl, John [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Kunkel, Jeremy [CAN]
412Hoare, Gaven R [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Johnson, Paul [CAN]
413Randall, Richard B [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Bacine, Noah C [CAN]
414Buscaino, Anthony V [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Milligan, Gage [USA]
415Baetzhold, Matt [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Yoshida, Brian K [CAN]
416Holness, Devaghat B [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Giles, Michael [USA]
417Gryn, Maksym A [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Swartz, Noah W [CAN]
418Mitamura, Kazuya [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Cardin, Guillaume [CAN]
419Daye, Michael [USA]Won 2-0vs.Duncan, Kyle A [CAN]
420Juza, Martin [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Fabiano, Gerard [USA]
421Blackwell, George C [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Job, Jonathan M [CAN]
422Kellar, Nathan [USA]Won 2-0vs.Newby, Andrew J [USA]
423Mckinney, Ryan J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Mascioli, Chris M [CAN]
424Hayes, Rob T [USA]Won 2-1vs.Pearson, Lucas B [CAN]
425Shaffer, Tim J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Tulloch, Brandon L [USA]
426Muraca, Nick [USA]Won 2-0vs.Vasovski, Mike [CAN]
427Welty, Jaramiah E [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kestenberg, Lee [USA]
428De Carolis, Paul [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Oliver, Ronald [CAN]
429Majlaton, Alex S [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Marshall, Adam R [USA]
430Leber, Adam [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Bouchard, Maximilien [CAN]
431Christensen, Kyle [USA]Won 2-1vs.Da Rosa, Paulo Vitor D [CAN]
432Rodamilans, Enric [USA]Won 2-1vs.Millhauser, Jonathan D [USA]
433Mercier, Charles R [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Peters, Scott A [CAN]
434Brown, Maxwell R [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Legler, Tad [CAN]
435Chlobowski, Dominik [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Demars, Brian M [CAN]
436Castellon, Michael A [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Perez Jr., Raymond [CAN]
437Boehm, Greg [USA]Won 2-0vs.Anderson, James D [CAN]
438Malowski, William [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Maddock, Todd [USA]
439Bixler, Robert [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Black, Samuel H [CAN]
440Schnayer, David G [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Maines, Chris B [USA]
441Bruno, Erijan [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Alfano, Mike [USA]
442Heal, Nicholas F [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Naylor, Jamie M [CAN]
443Mcauslin, Jason [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Chau 3029935001, Jason [CAN]
444Wallerstein, Robert [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Frac, Mike D [CAN]
445Abendroth, Allen K [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Vienneau, Matthew [USA]
446Morton, Daniel N [USA]Won 2-0vs.Marchesano, Ernie [CAN]
447Xing, Paul [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Kramer, Daniel [CAN]
448Peters, Andy [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lachmann, Chris D [CAN]
449Moore, John E [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Droggitis, Dustin G [CAN]
450Nicholson, Zack J [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Sturkol, Mark A [USA]
451Lapierre, Matt F [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Ge, Pei Perry [CAN]
452Pacheco, Adam A [USA]Lost 0-2vs.St. John, Adrian K [CAN]
453Hong, John S [USA]Won 2-0vs.Kutacna, William [USA]
454Cheung, Kenneth [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hagen, Tom [USA]
455Neal, Stephen A [CAN]Won 2-1vs.Lam, Randall [CAN]
456Kim, Malcolm [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Bongiovanni, Mauro [CAN]
457Lapinski-barker, Andre [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Gravel, Kevin [CAN]
458Torchia, Jonathon V [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Hackett, Chris [USA]
459Murray, Marshall [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Pangman, Rob [USA]
460Wilson, Karen [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Bouricius, Zach J [CAN]
461Jensen, Scott [USA]Lost 1-2vs.Capobianco, Dan [CAN]
462Culp, Donald [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Villamizar, Daniel [USA]
463Fortin, Jonathan [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Proano, Gina E [USA]
464Cohen, Matthew [USA]Won 2-0vs.Bayat, Behrouz [CAN]
465Casselman, Jeffrey [USA]Lost 0-2vs.Lendt, Ray [USA]
466Hollisian, Christopher [CAN]Lost 1-2vs.Ng, Jeffrey [CAN]
467Fletcher, Sandy [CAN]Lost 0-2vs.Hamilton, Ryan [USA]
468Rowe, Alex [USA]Won 2-0vs.Sickinger, Jennifer [CAN]
469Mitchell, Kyle [CAN]Won 2-0vs.Rasmussen, Darren [CAN]

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